Thanks to the COWID 19 pandemic, many of us around the world were suddenly home a little longer than before. Because of the order in which they stand at home and the social distance, people have a little more time to retreat and try to relax, which means that people finally take their list to look at it and read to talk. But what if you’re looking for something more to amuse yourself? Forget the alcohol as you watch the show move and don’t rush to click on your mailing list. Why don’t you go crazy and dig into the strangest comics, even the ones you think aren’t real?

Well, to amuse you in quarantine, we’ve put together the ten strangest comic strips from DC and Marvel for your reading pleasure. And oddly enough, we have quite a wide range. Some of the books we have compiled are strange because their stories seem so surprising in a modern context, unlike their first publication. Others are strange just because the stories make things, well, strange with characters and features. There are also different types of discards on this list because their shells are so amazing (in the wildest sense of the word) that you can’t solve the problem to see what happens.

This list of strange comics is far from complete. If we tried, we’d probably be here to compile this list after the quarantine (and our playlists have been pretty long), but some are amazing, some are almost cult, and many are actually pretty solid, and you’ll read them after you get over the shock value of the covers. You will also notice that many of our collections fall into the category of old books, but there is something to be said for the tribute to old comics in all their wild and living glory. Nostalgia feels good now.

So, what kind of wild, weird, weird comics have we imagined for a really exciting lecture? Read on and don’t forget to share your favorite comics in the following comments.

Superman Girl Lois Lane #106 I’m curious (black)!

(Photo: DC-Comics)

Lois Lane’s comic book contains some really crazy stories, but number 106 of Lois Lane can easily beat the cake, both in terms of the cover and the content. In this issue, Lois has decided to undergo a major transformation in which Superman Lois turns into a black woman for one day, so that she can relive the history of the Little Africa metropolitan region. This question is intended to address social issues and to show how Lois lives her life very differently from everyday life, but it is certainly a strange question whether it is interesting or not.

Police Comic No. 426 The Killer Roulette Wheel!

(Photo: DC-Comics)

Batman’s suicide? That’s what you see on the cover of Detective Comics #426, but believe us, there’s a good reason why Batman seems ready to end all this. Batman investigates the suicides of three wealthy gamblers, only to discover that they were cheated on Russian roulette. This forces Bruce Wayne to position himself as a player, so he can finish some of these dangerous games and catch the real killer as soon as he changes to his Batman personality. It’s a pretty solid problem, even with a waterproof cover.

Superman Pal Jimmy Olsen #116 Gorilla Reporter!

(Photo: DC-Comics)

This one’s pretty simple: Jimmy Olsen switches bodies with a gorilla. You’ve read it well. The cover is so attractive, but so is the story inside. The invention interferes with the work and exchanges Jimmy for the gorilla, and it’s not a problem Superman can solve on his own. He’s wild, he’s crazy, and he’s certainly earned his place on that list.

Batman Skvozniak

(Photo: DC Comics)

Kevin Smith’s six-liter Batman: The extension of the gyroscope in general is a kind of wild cat, but question #6 is particularly fond of something very specific: Batman pisses his pants. We won’t give you a real context for this (you really have to read it yourself), but there is a point where Batman shows that he had a bladder spasm, also known as peeing in his pants. Wild.

Punisher War Journal #19 Trauma in Paradise.

(Photo: Marvel-Comics)

Yeah, he’s the jet ski punk. Your argument is now invalid. But seriously: Look at this slogan: You just rented a jet ski for Punisher. Say goodbye to the baby! That’s all we can say, the cover alone is crazy and it’s perfect.

Punisher’s War Diary #36 Let them eat cake

(Photo: Marvel-Comics)

The first page of the Punisher War Journal no. 36 is quite tame. The story itself is a little crazy if mafia marriage is an undercover punk. But what really puts this subject on our strange list is the moment the Punisher, equipped with his own weapon, jumps out of the wedding cake. I’m not kidding. That’s very good.

The best bat in the world #186 needs to burn!

(Photo: DC Comics)

Time travel in comics is always a wild adventure, like the best number 186 in the world. As the cover of this song shows, Batman and Superman are a thing of the past, Batman was mistaken for a witch or a demon, and the Dark Knight was almost burned at the stake – partly due to Superman’s dramatic excitement. Oh, my God!

Caratel Volume 2 No. 42

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

is presented here without comment. Penalty page #42 on the right… …impressive. I’m sorry, baby. This punk doesn’t care about you.

New protectors Volume 1 #2 First (and last) release of SnowFlame

(Photo: DC Comics)

The new Guardians 2 make a list for two main reasons. The first is the story in which New Guard officers fight the evil SnowFlame and confront three team members infected with AIDS by means of a hemoglobin. The second is the first (and last) appearance of SnowFlame, a super villain who literally eats cocaine: I am the Snowflame! Every cell in my being burns with white ecstasy. Cocaine is my God, and I am a human instrument of His will!

Wolverine #6

Wolverine(Photo: miracle cartoons)

And our last entry is an amazing, shocking and strange cover, which certainly leaves us with a few questions. Yeah, it’s a naked nightcrawler that stands for Wolverine. At the time of the publication of this issue, the cover really attracted attention because of its sexual indecency – which certainly puts us on our list.20 photos you won't believe are real,amazing nature photos you won t believe are real,unbelievable photos real,incredible pictures not photoshopped,most unbelievable photos ever taken,50 unbelievable photos,new comics next week,new comics this week