Anti-racism demonstrator brings injured in safety near Waterloo station (Photo: Reuters)

The suspect, a right-wing extremist demonstrator, was taken to safety on Saturday by a Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporter when the day of the clashes between the police and rival groups in London was briefly put aside.

The photographs show a white male identified by the crowd as the entire right hand. He grabbed his head when a black man threw him over his shoulders with the police standing next to him in riot gear.

A white man was placed on the steps of the Royal Festival Hall in central London and severely beaten before other protesters intervened to protect him, according to Reuters reporters on stage.

At the beginning of the day there were clashes between anti-racist groups and right-wing extremist activists.

June 2020.

A Black Lives Matter supporter is helping an injured protester who said the crowd was taking part in today’s ultra-right rally (Photo: Rex).

Several hundred demonstrators, mostly white people, took part in a demonstration in Parliament Square, organised by extremist groups, including Great Britain. Football fans, veterans and right-wing extremist groups have all vowed to protect memorials this weekend from anti-racist protests after the Winston Churchill statue in Parliament Square was damaged and slave owner Edward Colston was killed in an explosion in Bristol last weekend.

The BLM cancelled a planned protest action in London on Saturday, fearing it would be directed against hate groups, while Sadik Khan called on people to stay away and warned of the risk of being captured by groups planning to commit violence.

However, some demonstrators wearing Black Lives Matter posters gathered peacefully in Trafalgar Square to protest against racism and police violence.

Later the police fought to separate the anti-racist demonstrators from the right-wing extremist groups, the photos of which show clashes between the two groups at Waterloo station.

Boris Johnson condemned the ultra-right-wing racist banditry and warned that anyone who attacks the police will be punished with the full force of the law.

After the murder of George Floyd in May in Minneapolis, daily protests take place against racism and police violence in cities all over the world.

June 2020 in Bolton, England.

Demonstrators and opposing demonstrators shake hands during demonstrations in Bolton, Greater Manchester (Photo: Getty).

Today, peaceful demonstrations against racism have taken place throughout Britain, including in Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton and Manchester.

Despite the fact that the counter-demonstrations in Bolton, Greater Manchester, sometimes caused tension, the end result was that the two parties shook hands in another moment of inspiring solidarity.

The organizers of BLM 4 in Bolton say they were received by the other group as soon as they arrived at the facility.

The counter-demonstrators, some of whom wore bicycles, sang All lives matter and yelled loudly, while the anti-racism demonstrators demanded equal rights.

Bolton’s living dark matter and counter demonstration ended with a handshake on both sides (Photo: SWNS).

The organizers of BLM assured their supporters that they would not be angry at the abuse and exploitation and continued making speeches and singing softly.

Meanwhile, a man who turned out to be the leader of the opposing demonstrators physically restrained those who stand beside him and announced that they were there to defend the Bolton War Memorial and nothing else.

According to the Manchester Evening News, tension erupted briefly in the front line of two demonstrations when the police overwhelmed the crowd.

When the groups began to fall apart, two young blacks from the BLM group ran to the front of the square and reached out to the opposing demonstrators.

The people who took part in the Black Lives Matter events in Bolton.

There were moments of solidarity throughout the country when anti-racists and opposing demonstrators took to the streets to express their opinions (Photo: SWNS).

Everywhere on the square applause could be heard as the two sides embraced each other and shook hands.

the young black man said: We are here to support Black Lives Matters
because my life matters, while the opponent said we are here to protect the monument to our grandparents.

Participants of the BLM Solidarity March said that the cenotaph had never been a target for them and that it had remained quiet because the songs of life continued to play a role.

Reporters on the ground said the discussions were heated, but the protesters on both sides seemed sincere in presenting their thoughts and beliefs, explaining why they were there and listening to each other.

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