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Think about the size of the nail art, and now that you are back home, why not embellish those nails and fight the work/rest of the home blues. Use these tips and tricks to cut your nails while you are at home and deal with Covid-19 panic and stress.

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Update : 23. March 2020 15:06 EST

Think of the greatness of nail art, now that you are home, why don’t you embellish those nails and fight the work/rest of the home blues (INSTRUMENTS)

The coronavirus pandemic not only caused global chaos, but also drove people home. Happy people, at least in these dark times, most of us are losing our minds because there is nothing we can do. Nowadays even the big ones are thirsty for walks, but don’t give in to these passions, but develop new hobbies, read a book, draw, and if you are passionate about vanity and art, we have the perfect solution for you. Remember what great nail art there used to be, and now that you’re home, why don’t you embellish those nails and fight the house blues.

Use these tips and tricks to cut your nails while you’re at home and deal with Covid-19 panic and stress:


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❌ Not in the mood? Is life dark and depressing? Did the dog chew his slippers? ⠀ Believe me, this is nothing to be sad about. We offer 5 ways to cheer you up in just 5 minutes! ⠀ Eat something tasty ⠀ The easiest way to cheer yourself up is to enjoy juicy, ripe, sweet fruit. As you know, fresh fruit helps to activate the nervous system and balance the emotional context. ⠀ Listen to your favourite tune ⠀ If you’re not a demanding music lover and don’t have a classical music collection at hand, there’s definitely a tune that will put you in a good mood. ⠀ Take a walk ⠀ If you’re not in the mood for business, don’t try to control yourself. Take some time off. A short walk in the fresh air will help to improve your mood and restore your mental balance. ♀♂️ ⠀ Do a good deed ⠀ Do you want to be happier? Do good – small but with all your heart. There must be someone close to you who can help you directly by spending no more than 5 minutes ⠀ Make a route description. ⠀ You don’t have to do serious yoga, but light stretching exercises do you a lot of good. While working at the table, you can stretch your arms over your head at regular intervals or, for example, take a break and walk a little. Stretching helps to improve blood circulation and flexibility, but also to knead blocked muscles, resulting in reduced tension. ♀♂️ ⠀ How to cheer up? # Nails # Nails of Instagram airport manicurist

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Like some kind of artist? Don’t worry, take a sample of Sarah Ali Khan’s advertising image, Love Aaj Kal, and paint each nail a different colour, or use two colours and paint your nails alternately, go crazy!

Sexy French Manicure

Do you miss your basic French manicure? Why not mix bright colours with nude to add a little drama to the boring beige palette.

Fraud cards

Not everyone can make artistic designs, especially if you take into account the narrowness of the canvas (your fingernail). Why don’t you make some kind of cut pattern on the colour of your nails with a pencil?

Queen Doodle

If you are good at small surfaces and painting them, bring the artist inside you and draw. Flowers, stars, animals, your favorite star/sign/food, there are so many that you can paint your nails.

Don’t just be.

Stay away from the main round or square nails and describe the nails in a unique style.

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