Ran Singh and Deepika Padukone ensure that they do not disrupt their fitness program during the quarantine of the coronavirus. After the training Ranveer went to Instagram to share his selfishness with Deepika and called her his Monday motivation.

Double the endorphin injection when it’s close! #homegymbuddies. My #[email protected], he drew with a soft click. In the comment section she gave him love and wrote: It’s a snack!

Post Ranvier Singh Instagram.

In a session called Ask me about everything at Instagram, Ranvir told me what he and Deepika did during the coronavirus lockdown. He eats, sleeps, rehearses, watches movies and the DP learns to play the piano. He wrote and showed a picture of his wife playing an instrument.

On Sunday, Ranveer and Deepika attended Khanta’s curfew and appealed to the medical staff and other professionals working tirelessly for the coronavirus pandemic.

In the music video Deepika showed live on Instagram, she and Ranvir applauded their efforts when Chuck De Inde’s theme song was played on the column behind them. Ranvir even hit the drum while Deepika called to honor him.

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Ranvir and Deepika would be reunited on the big screen in the sports drama Kabir Khan 83, which is about India’s first victory in a world championship. The movie that came out on the 10th. The theatrical release of the film on April 4 has been postponed indefinitely due to the appearance of the coronavirus.

The statement, issued by a group of 83 people, said the release of 83 people has been suspended because of the threats posed by the recent Covida-19 epidemic and growing health problems. We will decide what action to take as soon as circumstances return to normal. We encourage our fans to take all necessary precautions and take care of their loved ones. 83 is a film about the fight against hardship, and we hope we all get over it soon.