The tournament is scheduled for the 18th. Early October.

World Championship T20

World Championship T20. (source: Twitter)

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. The virus, which first broke out in China, has now spread around the world and killed more than 16,000 people. After the outbreak, many sporting events worldwide were cancelled. Several international cricket matches have been cancelled due to the global pandemic. In addition, the CCI Men’s T20 World Championship is also under threat.

The start of the seventh major event is scheduled for the 18th. October planned. Australia, the host country of the tournament, is also affected by the coronavirus. More than 2,000 people in the country have been affected. With the Australian government’s emphasis on public safety, concerns about the World Cup have increased.

Australia has blocked its borders

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided to hold a conference on 29 October. March to call for the T20 Cricket World Cup 2020. It was decided that the officials of the Supreme Court would hold a teleconference with all international councils. It is not yet known who will represent India at this conference.

The BCCI Secretary, Jay Shah, is one of the members of the group of the ICC General Committee, but there is no clear information on his ability to lead the group. It is also proposed that the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Suraw Ganguli himself, attend the meeting.

Due to the increasing number of coronavirus positive patients in Australia, the country has decided to close the borders for the time being. It was also assumed that the blockade could be extended for another 6 months, which could endanger the tournament.

According to Indian Express, the ICC is likely to have at least preliminary discussions on the fate of the World Cup when it takes place on 29 November. In March, a teleconference will be held with 18 members of the Board of Directors, including leaders from 12 countries playing pilot games. A three-day meeting in Dubai was expected before the coronavirus situation necessitated a change of plan.

If the tournament is postponed until next year, it can be moved to the next edition. In 2021, the ICC would organise the eighth edition of the World Cup in India. It is therefore to be expected that one of these two tournaments will be cancelled due to an outbreak of a deadly virus.icc t20 world cup 2019,icc t20 world cup 2020,icc t20 world cup 2020 venue,t20 world cup winners,2020 icc men's t20 world cup,t20 world cup 2019 schedule,icc world cup qualifier,t20 world cup 2022