TravelKaroo’s Franchise brings new opportunities for Unemployed Indians in tourism industry

Industrialist Sarkar Celebrates his birthday by helping the needy

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : As per a recent report, The Indian tourism industry has predicted a revenue loss of Rs. 1.25 trillion, no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The worst-hit industry is foot-soldiers and the travel agencies. Due to the pandemic, there is no manforce as people are stuck inside and there are travel restrictions. According to the report by BOTT, Around 40 per cent companies operating in the travel and tourism were shut down between July & November 2020, leading to loss of revenue and jobs.

To boost the energy in the travel sector, Mr. S.N.M.D. Sarkar, CEO, TravelKaroo launches a unique concept of air-travel finance franchisee. He describes, “Any individual looking for work and having the minimum necessary, like an office-space, can easily take up our franchise. One just needs to own a laptop, comfortably spacious workspace, good communication skills and zest to work hard.” While elaborating on how this concept struck him, Mr. Sarkar explained, “One of the biggest takeaways for all of us from this pandemic has been to be sensitive towards other people and we, at the Sarkar Management, firmly believe in leaving no one behind.”

Normally taking up a franchise means paying a significant amount of money, purchasing a large workspace and spend further on costly furnishings & interiors,in lieu of using the business model and name of the original brand. However, since Mr. Sarkar is not looking for profit, but to sustain the national economy in his way, the company has decided to offer the franchise to people looking for work without charging them anything for it.

Mr. Sarkar remains as humble as the proverbial ‘aam aadmi.’ The latest example of his down-to-earth attitude and his respect for the law of the land, this Mumbai-based corporate honcho had decided not to celebrate his birthday in the usual manner which was on January 1, 2021, the first day of the New Year. He said categorically, “There was no get-together or vast celebration because the govt. has prohibited large gatherings owing to the spread of virus. I am following the govt. rules and regulations as prescribed in Maharashtra.” But hefound a unique way to celebrate his birthday, by sharing his happiness with those who have lost their means of livelihood during the pandemic by offering them work in his different ventures. His New Year resolution, which also happens to be his birthday resolve, seems to be to help those who are feeling weighed down by the vagaries of time.

While everyone else was eagerly waiting for the year 2020 pass and bring on the New Year, Mr. Sarkar is looking forward to continue following the lessons that the past one year has taught all the world. He is not too keen to keep on harping on “how bad” the year 2020 has been for us. Instead Mr Sarkar says, whatever has happened is water below the bridge. In his words, “We have faced a lot of negativity in the past 9 months but just like a child is born out of a mother’s womb, we have also been reborn as individuals with a new thought process.”

“We need to take our hardships as a positive challenge that makes us ready for any eventuality in the future. I think the Coronavirus taught us how to be satisfied with our limited means, how to live without partying too much and how to look for positivity in every negative thing.” He adds

Wishing his fellow Indians a “Happy New Year 2021”, this dynamic young business man belies the notion that people who have power and money can do almost anything and get away with it. He has made it a point this year to maintain discipline in private and public life and follow regulations like everyone else, despite this being the birthday time for him.

More power to men like him!

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Source: Mr. S.N.M.D. Sarkar