Indian Action Hero Dhruv Verma’s First Indo-Polish film “No Means No” won Best Trailer Award

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : The trailer for Vikash Verma’s film “No Means No” launched with much fanfare in a grand way at the Hotel Grand Hyatt Mumbai, attended by celebrities like Vivek Oberoi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the film gears up for release this year. The high budgeted action adventure, which sees the protagonist played by Dhruv Verma travel to Poland, has electrified audiences with its stunning first trailer. With a cast that includes Gulshan Grover (he has worked in more than 500 Hollywood and Bollywood movies), Deep Raj Rana (Indian), Sharad Kapoor (Indian), Bollywood action hero Dhruv Verma (Indian), Natalia Bak (Polish), Anna Guzik (Polish), Sylwia Czech (Polish), Pawel Czech (Polish), Jersey Handzlik (Polish), Jacek Binda (Polish), Nazia Hussain (actor Sanjay Dutt’s niece), Anna Ador (Polish),Kat Kristian(Indian), Rama Murthy (Indian), Milind Joshi (Indian) and Abhishek (Marathi Actor). The music of the film is directed by the legendary Hariharan and his son Akshay. World renowned singers like Shreya Ghoshal and Arvinder Singh have also lent their voice to songs in this film. The choreography for this mega project has been done by ‘Mission Impossible’ famed Shiamak Davar and Michał Stasica from Poland. The cinematography has been done by Michał Szewczuk.

This film is the first Indo-Polish co-production. Hopeful that his film will bring the two countries closer together, Vikash Verma is extremely ecstatic that audiences will finally be able to experience his films in cinemas.

As its trailer views cross a gross total of 2 million views worldwide, film pundits are adamant that No Means No’s promotional materials will gather millions of views more as the release date of the film draws near. The success of the film can be gleaned from the fact that mass media is ecstatic about it. Subsequently, one of the biggest media groups , Midday & Jagran Group honoured No Means No with the best international trailer of 2021. This news took the Bollywood and Hollywood media circle by storm. Several global channels also covered director Vikash Verma’s efforts to improve bilateral relationships between the 2 countries in a similar way that Raj Kapoor’s 1970 film Naam Mera Joker improved relations between India and Soviet Union.

Interestingly Comparisons of No Means No have also been made with the upcoming James Bond adventure No Time to Die by a renowned news channel in London. Both these films start with the word ‘No’ and both films’ fates are hanging in the balance now. Although they have announced the dates, but both films are not sure about the right time for a theatrical release due to the second wave of the pandemic

For Indian viewers, trivia related to the film’s production is that its action sequences were shot in a spine chilling cold of minus 30 degrees. Vying for authenticity in the snow clad Polish mountains, the production team braved insane levels of cold weather for perfect shots. Other than this, thrilling action sequences were also shot in the picturesque Polish town of Bielsko Biala.

With so many notable Hollywood and Bollywood stars promoting this film, the success of No Means No is assured. Steven Seagal, a long time friend of director Vikash Verma, has thrown his weight behind the film. Not to be left behind is His Excellency Mr. Ajay Bisaria, the current Indian High Commissioner to Canada who has also wholeheartedly supported the endeavour and was quoted saying “I want to congratulate Vikash and your entire team of G-7 films on this very special occasion. The trailer launch of No Means No. I think this is a pathbreaking pioneering effort, a joint Indo-Polish production, a love story with a message. It also underlines the cultural connections; the friendship between India and Poland. I wish you all success for this wonderful brave creative venture.”

Even the Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, Professor Piotr Glinski, who is also incharge of the Culture Ministry has played a key role in the movie’s making. Hon. Mrs. Małgorzata Pępek, Member of Parliament, Poland and chairwoman of the Polish and Indian Parliamentary Group, In a letter to Mr. Vikash Verma, said that she is convinced this film will lead to interesting projects which will prove to be a marvellous way to promote Poland.

The Hon. Consul General of Poland in Mumbai, Mr. Damian Irzyk has shown his support for this film through the tweets of the Polish Consulate in Mumbai when the star cast of No Means No was in India and when the film featured in several news articles where it was applauded for promoting bilateral ties between India and Poland.

With Hollywood stars and career diplomats firmly behind the film, it is a no brainer that notable icons of Bollywood would not be left behind as well. Vikash Verma can count on a slew of friends in the industry, from music composer Sajid Wajid to Preity G Zinta. Each of these celebrities have supported the film publicly on social media. Notable Indian superstar Sanjay Dutt, who also trained the film’s protagonist Dhruv Verma in hand to hand combat, has also promoted the film.With so many celebrities going out of their way to promote No Means No, Even Shahrukh Khan himself, has lent his support to No Means No.

With so many superstars lending their support to the film, experts are predicting this film will break several box office records upon release. Sure to be a game changer for the entire Indian film industry, “No Means No” is awaited with baited breath by both fans and industry bigwigs alike. As its release date comes nearer and nearer, fans are eager to experience this sure-to-be blockbuster by famed Indian director Vikash Verma.

filmmaker Vikash Verma said he is making another movie titled ‘The Good Maharaja’, which will be based on Digvijaysinhji Ranjitsinhji Jadeja, the Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar, Gujarat. In the pre-Independence era, the Maharaja provided shelter and education to around 1,000 Polish children evacuated from the USSR to escape German bombings during World War II.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants people from around the world to know how an Indian Maharaja, without caring for any adverse impact, went ahead to give shelter to the Polish children. One of these children went on to become the Prime Minister of Poland,” Mr. Verma said.

The filmmaker said while researching for the movie, he found that the Polish government had installed a statue of the Maharaja in their Parliament and a road had been named after him. “But unfortunately not many people in India know about the great contribution of the Maharaja. Sanjay Dutt will play the titular role,” Mr. Verma said.