Silicon Care Broadnet Private Limited has carved a niche in the world of internet service, IT infrastructure, and advanced technology solutions in India and abroad

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April 4: Silicon Care Broadnet Private Limited has become the leading internet service, IT infrastructure, and advanced technology Solutions Company in the world by providing cutting-edge technology, strong customer support, and time tested, and used by major telecom operators across India and abroad.

Based in Pune, Silicon Care was established to provide information technology solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in 2007.  The company has a long track record of providing immense experience in building a converged next-generation network.

Silicon Care offers high-performance network infrastructure to help service providers, corporate, business houses, builders, and real estate developers for accelerating business success within the new, challenging global marketplace.

Silicon Care with its strong Research and Development (R&D) department has developed some of the industry’s most groundbreaking innovations across every aspect of home automation and networking technologies. This includes triple-play IP-based solutions on a unique single architecture, single operating system, and single release train that ensures performance, reliability, and security at the scale that customers demand of their network—without compromise.

“Silicon Care has been creatively investing its time in research and development to create value of technology in all sectors and segments to provide effective and reliable solutions. We are a techno centric company, rendering multiservice access solutions in all sectors. To achieve the highest degree of productivity, our technical experts combine the leading edge of technologies with effective management skills. Silicon Care has reached the milestone of 5.6 CR turnover, “said the company spokesperson.

Silicon Care is serving more than 25,000 active broadband home users in Maharashtra and Goa territories.  The company provides managed Internet services to Corporates / SME Segments and offers internet lease line services to more than 250 corporate customers and sets up Wi-Fi/hotspots based on customer requirements. The company has created more than 50 major setups in and around Pune including VITS,  four campuses of Bharti Vidyapeeth, Food Mall, and the Play Boy Club in Mumbai. The company has completed more than 250 Installations of CCTV Surveillance Security System.

Recently the company has completed Turnkey Project for internet Service in Nepal.

Silicon Care has been awarded Premium Infrastructure Partner for developing and maintaining managed services for TATA TELESERVICES LIMITED and completing installations of more than 150 sites in just 7 Months.

Silicon’s technology is superior, time-tested, and are used by major telecom operators across the world to build multi-services access networks and next-generation network for covering a variety of services and applications.

The company has begun public and private peering services with AMS-IX, as well as the deployment of private virtual CDN servers in over 100 cities, with services such as caching all web objects, media, all operating system updates, Microsoft silver light, Google Play & iTunes, Optimized Heuristics for CDN, Adobe acrobats, Apple (macOS, iTunes, Safari) Updates, and Caching Apps For iPhone & Android. Ringtones and Games Support Cluster server, Hyper Cache Support Priority / TOS mark Traffic, Highest Capability-Single Server run on 10-Gbps traffic, Extremely high wire speeds up to 900-Mbps Riot, Blizzard, Gameloft, Ubisoft, EviVault, Deezen, Soundcloud, Instagram, Linux Updates HTTP + Live Video Stream on a single server DNS Caches are provided for free, as are the greatest Live Video Streaming caches in the industry and Smart TV App Updates.

Why Silicon Care?

The company’s focus is on the corporate clientele and serving them with strategic decisions, hassle-free end-to-end managed network, providing service level agreement, and assuring the customers with high-grade quality and reliable 24×7 and 365 days services.

The company’s NOC in Pune monitors the entire network 24X7 and the entire link including the last-mile link connecting the premises to POP is monitored 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, making sure the technical expertise is there to manage the network and offer customers with uninterrupted high-speed connectivity. Customer service should not be at a premium but an integral part of the product/service offering. The company’s Manager Business Development is the one point of contact and they have a multi-channel call logging system, which is being designed with a proper escalation system.

Silicon is the world leader when it comes to providing businesses with fast access in the world of the internet. The company professionals help in designing the content delivery network to suit the market needs, deploy infrastructure and software to optimize CAPEX/OPEX, take responsibility for managing and maintaining the infrastructure, provide full analytics and monitoring reports of the clients, and provide full support 24×7 and 356 days.

The company runs a smart CND Cloud peering exchange point allowing the ISPs, MSOs, and the LCOs to directly interconnect networks and exchange IP trffic. Peering is the exchange between two independent networks for the benefit of both the networks. Also, the company offers access to a variety of peering exchanges, including the Smart-CDN-DC for domestic local content peering, as well as leading global peering exchanges such as AMS-IX, and NIXI.

What is internet peering?

Internet Peering remains one of the most important and effective ways for ISPs to improve the efficiency of their operation. Peering is defined as a business relationship whereby ISPs reciprocally provide connectivity to each other’s customers. ISPs seek to peer relationships primarily for two reasons. First, peering decreases the reliance on and therefore the cost of purchased Internet bandwidth. As the single greatest operating expense, ISPs seek to minimize these telecommunications costs. Second, peering lowers inter-Autonomous System (AS) traffic latency. Peering traffic exchanged directly between two peering ISPs is likely to take the lowest latency path.

For Internet providers and users, there are many advantages to local routing of Internet traffic via a common exchange point. This helps in the substantial cost-savings by eliminating the need to put all traffic through the more expensive long-distance links to the rest of the world, local users can use more bandwidth due to the lower cost of local capacity, local links becomes 10 times faster due to the reduced latency in traffic and lowering fewer hops, etc.

Silicon Care holds a strong position in the market and can execute turnkey projects up to Rs.100 crore.  The company is currently focusing on IPTV, Electronic Security, Power related projects Pan-India.

Silicon Care offers customers options to enhance their end-to-end network performance, speed and reliability by partnering with a variety of leading Internet peering exchanges from around the globe.

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