Director Ram Gopal Varma remembered the madness that surrounded the conclusion of Baahubali SS Rajamuli 2 when he watched a video from California where people were queuing up to get rations and other things in the context of an outbreak of the coronavirus. The film, starring Prabhas and Anushka Shetty, was a great success in India.

The director tweeted a video in which people line up behind shopping malls and on the streets of California: It finally took a coronavirus to defeat the snake @ssrajamouli’s Bahubali 2 … Americans panicked at the mall… …a horrible sight.

In the end it took a coronavirus to beat the tail @ssrajamouli’s Bahubali 2 …Panicked Americans lined up at the mall …Creepy

– Aries Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) 18. March 2020.

He also made jokes about married couples. Insulation is a good thing for husbands and wives who hate each other. 9.99999% of the couples thanked the Coronavirus for isolating them and 0.00001% of the couples died, he tweeted Wednesday.

RGV’s first tweet about the virus was an e-mail to the virus. He wrote: Dear Virus, instead of being so stupid and killing everyone, get up so you can die with us too, because you’re a parasite. If you don’t think I’m on a crash course in virology… So, my request is to live and live and live and live and live… I hope wisdom will triumph over you…

Later he also shared a memo with women in burkas wearing surgical masks, and the text said it was the last thing we needed. In another tweet about the pandemic, Ram Gopal also said that the Indian media do not take the coronovirus seriously compared to the media in other countries. The way the mainstream media and social media are swamped by the coronavirus seems to be that they suffer from inferiority syndrome, which explains why the coronavirus does not take India as seriously as China, Iran, Italy, the United States, and so on. If there are far fewer cases in India, it means we’re just lucky or the coronavirus doesn’t like Indians very much, he writes in a series of tweets.

Only two months ago you were blessed when you sneezed, and now you’re buzzing in your life, RGV also wrote.

Only two months ago there were people who blessed you when you sneezed, and now you’re calling them.

– 4. Aries Gopal Varma (@RGVVzoomin) March 2020.

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Currently 147 of them have been confirmed to test positive for Covid-19, and three of them have died in India.