Joe Biden


Former vice president Joe Biden.

Former Vice President Joe Biden first appeared in public today on MSNBC on charges of assault against Joe Morning.

Tara Reed, a former member of the Senate, claims that Biden attacked her in 1993 in the Senate building on Capitol Hill. Reid says that’s when Senator Biden pushed her against the wall, hit her under her clothes and pierced her vagina with his fingers. Reid says that when she left, Biden told her: You mean nothing to me. You’re nothing. Reed first discussed his story in an interview with podcast host Kathy Halper at the end of March.

Biden’s campaign called Reed’s accusation false and insisted it never happened. But Biden himself remained silent on the subject for weeks, despite increasing pressure from Democrats and Republicans to respond directly to Reed’s demands.

He declared that he would never criticise Tara Reed, but insisted that his statements were not true.

In the morning, Joe’s co-host Mika Brzezinski began the interview by asking Biden directly if Tara Reed’s allegations were true. Biden answered: No, it’s not true. I say it never, ever happened. And it’s not. That never happened.

Biden has agreed that all women have the right to be heard and trusted. He added that all allegations should be thoroughly investigated and reviewed. But he reiterated that, in this case, Reed’s allegations against him weren’t true.

The former vice president said at least twice that he would never attack Reed or question his motives. I don’t know why she says that. I don’t know why it suddenly started to grow after 27 years. I don’t get it. Biden added that the reasons were irrelevant because this never happened. It never happened, period.

Request to the National Archives for the release of documents relating to Tara Reed’s application, if applicable

Reid said he filed a formal complaint against Biden in 1993. The document wasn’t found, and Reid said she didn’t have a copy. In the morning Joe Biden said he had asked the National Archives to release these documents, if they existed. But he added that he was sure she didn’t exist. If there’s ever been such a complaint, the tape will be there… It’s an open book. I have nothing to hide. Nothing at all.

Biden has also been confronted with requests to publish documents at the University of Delaware. But he says there’s no personnel files in those folders.

Shortly before the interview on MSNBC, Biden posted a statement on the website of the media about the accusation and his desire to prove that there was no incident. When asked whether Reid had filed a formal complaint, Biden wrote

There is a clear and critical part of this story that can be verified. A former employee stated that she had already lodged a complaint in 1993. But she has no record of this alleged complaint. The documents I gave to the University of Delaware during my years in the Senate do not contain personnel files. Senators’ practice is to create a library of personal documents that document their public speeches, policy proposals, statements and bills.

There is only one place to file such a complaint: the National Archives. The Nationaal Archief is the place where the archives are kept and is then called the Fair Employment Office. I ask the Secretary of the Senate to ask the Archives to identify all documents relating to the complaint she has lodged and to make them available to the press. If there’s ever such a complaint, the band will be there.