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Christoph K. creates …

Hi John,

Very first I wish to state that I’m a large follower of your evaluations as well as additionally of your songs preference (Billy Bragg BBC such a straight and also raw audio. I can additionally advise the Wedding celebration Existing BBC Peel Procedure.

I simply pay attention to plastic on Techniks 1200 Gr, Gold Keep In Mind Vasari Gold, Techniks 1200 GR Ortofon Concorde, Allen & Health Xone 23 Mixer, Nubert Nuvero110 Speakers, Rotel RB870 BX, Audioquest wires. Currently I intend to change the Rotel for Schiit things (Freya+ …).

John, I wish to make a proposition. Could be of rate of interest:

I make sure you recognize the speaker firm Nubert. They allow gamers in the German market; regarding 40 years. As well as they are straight sales leaders. The firm is still running by the creator Günther Nubert.

Lots of people like Nubert Audio speakers. As well as additionally many individuals dislike their audio top qualities (primarily premium agents). That is right? The bearings are exceptionally split!

I assume the design, audio top quality and also rates of Nubert audio speakers deserves speaking about it. Specifically, the “premium collection Nuvero110” has an excellent price-performance and also audio top qualities– a great positioning in your paying attention space given.

Ok and also an additional suggested subject can be the screening of audio top qualities in apropos of systems with 2 turntables and also a DJ Mixer; utilized as a phono preamp. Can this be hifi? A fascinating inquiry for all the techno fans that additionally such as to pay attention to various music-styles like timeless, jazz, nation, bluegrass, piano songs and so on

Have a wonderful Sunday and also continue paying attention.

Yours Christoph

Simon G creates …

Hi John,


This Japanese earphone should have some direct exposure and also no one is speaking about them. They are great with a wonderful well balanced trademark, comfy fit and also wonderful battery life and also link security is outstanding.

Below is the website if you wonder; https://nuarl.com/en/n6/

I got mine from Stereo (https://www.stereo.com.sg/) in Singapore and also took just a week to get right here in Canada.

I like your job and also your design is revitalizing and also insightful.



Sander O. creates …

Precious John,

To Start With my praises on the magnum opus you’re doing both online along with by means of YouTube. I definitely like the design, technique, and also possibly greater than anything the songs selections and also equilibrium in between both plastic & electronic (!). Rejuvenating to see a person utilizing both media together with and also attuned to each various other.

On the plastic end of the range I have an inquiry, or instead a pointer: would certainly it probably be a suggestion to cover the subject concentrated around drive systems? e.g. Belt drive, Straight drive, Idler drive (Thorens td124, Emergency Medical Technician930, Garrard 401). An additional (probably essential?) essential component and also impact variable component of the analog front-end, others being naturally, card, arm, floor covering and so on. As an audiophile myself I have actually experienced, paid attention and also had (or still do) every one of the drive systems and also discover it definitely remarkable what a distinction each experience can give. In the long run, I have actually resolved (after a lengthy trip) with a Garrard 401 (idler) table as my major stereo resource. Yet every occasionally swop for an LP12 (belt), or a modded methods 1210 (straight). Even if they all do points in different ways. Never do I suggest to make it a competitors, instead an expedition of distinctions. I’m persuaded anything shades, equally as every technique is somewhat various and also relying on preference and also implementation matches a single person greater than the following one.

All the same, I figured sharing/sending although opportunities are slim this note obtains shed/ undetected in your sea of e-mails.

Maintain the outstanding job! I will certainly get on the look-out for each brand-new episode, otherwise just for the songs which is constantly attractive and also oftentimes a brand-new bring about something brand-new.

Thanks from Holland,

Kevin B. creates …


It might get on your radar currently, yet I wished to send out a message concerning Combining Technology’s Anubis Box.

It’s developed as a professional sound tool, yet similar to the RME ADI-2, it has a great deal of crossover possibility, specifically provided Merging’s credential worldwide of those that craft audiophile-favourite timeless documents. While I directly am not a Combining customer of late, having actually left a Ravenna-centric task for a Dante-centric one, I assume it would certainly interest see/hear your take on audio-over-IP and also its possibility worldwide of stereos.

As a professional AE, it’s an inevitable fact now that audio-over-IP will certainly (or at the very least must) come to be the standard in the following 5-10 years for electronic audio transmission. The universality of these systems is amazing, and also thinking their firmwares depend on the job, the outcomes are incredibly adaptable and also steady contrasted to existing layouts (SPDIF/USB/etc). I picture it’s just an issue of time up until a clever Alexa or Siri method can use AoIP for multiroom performance.

Do you see this advancement on your end?

Significant follower of your website,


Tom W. creates …

Hi John,

I like the entire “short film” idea. I discover myself viewing brief movies also on topics I have no rate of interest in, like IEM’s. I discover them extremely amusing and also, naturally, insightful. The manufacturing degree is superior.

Additionally, the joint suggestion of dealing with Jeff from Tone and also Srajan from 6moons is dazzling. I can not assist to assume this is a win for every person, specifically the viewers.

You additionally procured my rate of interest back right into Redbook CDs. I got a brand-new Rega Beauty, mostly as a result of your discuss just how the top quality of the devices and also DACs have actually enhanced throughout the years.

Many thanks and also best of luck.

Tim W. creates …

Hi John.

Hope your day is working out.

Professionally, I had a suggestion for a post for you. This is suggested in earnest, not in informing you what to do or just how to do your job (you are great at that currently). I have actually reviewed some posts over the previous 6 months approximately and also can not keep in mind the source/citation for every one of them.

I have actually read regarding points like the resolution/noise degree of certain DAC chips– something along the lines of ESS Sabre chip with -126 dB sound flooring. After that, there’s Srajan’s conversation of the sound degree of the space about a DAC’s gauged sound flooring (e.g., web traffic, a/c, and so on to that gauged -126 dB). After that, I reviewed something just recently regarding just how a 45 rpm LP records even more details and also appears far better than 33 1/3 LP. My considering leads me to ask you (out of trust fund) if there’s any type of means to “measure”/ estimate/something the “resolution” of an LP, about an electronic recording.

It appears to me there would certainly need to be a ceiling for the resolution of a 33 1/3 LP, specifically if a 45 rpm appears far better (?). I recognize a microphone, for instance, can be filled by something like a canon going off (Tchaikowsky’s 1812 Advance enters your mind, or the horrible recording top quality of some punk bands). So, to me, as opposed to unlimited resolution of an LP, we have a resolution ceiling of stated LP. You would certainly additionally have a restriction to just how much can be reduced right into an LP (some sound is so little, it simply can not be reduced). I simply question if there’s a means to attract a parallel of a 33 1/3 LP to a “digital” resolution, like DSD256, or something like that.

Once Again, this is pleasantly propounded you as a suggestion. I entirely obtain that it’s 1) a tough inquiry; and also 2) you might not also be from another location curious about locating a response. It will not eliminate me not to recognize the response, yet I assumed it a fascinating suggestion. I additionally do not actually recognize just how I would certainly deal with locating a response myself (as opposed to asking you)– something that with your calls in the sector and also in other places you can possibly connect to think about. I do not actually see that a person has actually checked out the resolution of analogue in this type of means prior to.

No concerns if you have no rate of interest in seeking this; I recognize. As I stated, it’s simply a suggestion. Additionally, no requirement to release it in your posts on letters to the editor.

Thanks for your time and also job,


John P. creates …

Hi John,

I make sure you are cognizant of Bellari yet possibly one thing may have missed your focus. The -555 is a real tube preamp with 3 inputs escape of a solitary 12 ax7 tube. Cost is well under $300 Idea it could be intriguing contrasting it to the Schiit Vali 2 and even the Schiit Legend. Anyhow, maintain the magnum opus!

Bart L. creates …

To Start With, I like your website and also the evaluations! No bullshit, straightforward, straight. Thanks! A wonderful leisure activity isn’t it? I do like timeless, jazz, blues and also opera incidentally

I checked the Grimm MU1 recently. With a Hegel H590 and also Brilliant Sound Kaya 45 s. I assume it is an excellent tool! Could be a choice for future Darko examinations.

Cozy introductions from an additional songs enthusiast.


Bruce M. creates …

Qutest was a substantial frustration. In some way Watts handles to take all the enjoyable from it. Deep bass draws and also the entire point is means as well neutral. Characteristics? Meh. Absolutely proficient and also excellent in numerous means yet BORING and also not involving. Can not wait to market it– my Mojo bass trounces it (yet Mojo is veiled). I’m an audio developer and also I DISLIKE that Watts dumbed it down. I’ll never ever get Chord once more.

Relates To,


Pål B. creates …


Cable Televisions once more …

I assume I have actually done my research when it concerns a correct power supply for the systems in my stereo, without exaggerating it. Yet when I seized the day to ask assistance at McIntosh regarding the topic I was stunned that they:

1. Really did not assume it was rewarding. Much better utilize the cash on the amplifier rather than fancy wires.
2. Really did not desire secured power line since that can stop that the warmth can dissipate out of the wire.

After having actually acquired a brand-new Cambridge banner I was stunned to see a message on the contrary on signal wires. They advised their very own signal-cables or asked you to speak to the neighborhood shop for acquiring appropriate wires. This is the very first time I see the producer provide information on wires in any way.

I can have sent you the complete interaction if I obtain an e-mail address so you can review it completely. I should have obtained glitch. Value some discuss this.

Relates To Pål. Norway.

Don C. creates …

Many thanks for the capability to do dark setting, much valued.