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Tracy Walker is celebrating the interception.

The safety of Detroit Lyon Tracy Walker and her family has suffered an incredible loss in recent months with the death of the Amadeus Arberia in Georgia.

Arbury was Walker’s nephew, and his name was at the forefront of the need for racial equality in America after the murder of George Floyd and the deaths of countless others in connection with racial riots.

Although the circumstances of the Arbury case are slightly different from those of the Floyd case, there is no doubt that the NFL has opened its eyes to an issue that directly affects the company and its players. Roger Goodell has responded convincingly to the league’s call for player change, and Walker has joined CNN’s Chris Cuomo in giving his own reaction.

Tracy Walker was on CNN tonight. He talked about his cousin, Amo Arbury, and thought about Roger Goodell’s last message.

We need a change, and we can see everything. We all see that we need to get together… and unite as one.

– Chris Burke (@ChrisBurkeNFL) 6. June 2020

As he said, a public staging league is an important first step:

That means a lot, because that seems to be the first step. We are all united and we try to achieve the common goals we strive for: equality. Since everyone is trying to get together, I think it’s great that we support and encourage each other at this time, Walker Cuomo said in an interview.

Basically the message is that we need to be better now, he said about the situation. Now I feel that everyone sees that we need to improve. The NFL has a lot of diversity. We all see ourselves as one person. I feel like we need a change and we can all see that. We need to get together and unite to keep doing this.

Walker also shared memories of Arbury when Cuomo was killed a few months ago in Georgia. As he said, he was a great man, whose memories he recorded when everything was mixed up after his death.

She was a big, big soul. A strange man. It’s always about having a good time. He went his own way. He always wanted to go outside and smile at people, said Walker Cuomo. Now I’m laughing and laughing at what he was doing. It’s crazy to think he’s gone. People need to understand that he was a great man, not the one you’d get into conflict with. He just wasn’t that guy.

It is to be hoped that the deaths of Floyd, Arbury and others will be a reason to discuss major changes in America. Walker sees that this is already happening, which is only positive where he’s sitting.

Tracy Walker called Lviv the most underestimated player in.

Which of the players wins the prize for the most underestimated lion player? The idea was recently explored by’s Cynthia Frelund, who selected a player from each NFC team to adjust the result. As far as the Lions are concerned, Tracy Walker’s safety was a decision.

Franlund explains:

If defensive fronts and backfields work well together, this will result in fewer points, fewer first drops, more bags and interceptions, and much more pressure (even if they don’t become bags). Lviv’s defense lost the number of bags (28), took third place in terms of pressure (due to my computer vision) and allowed 26.4 points per game (26th place). This is my way of saying that the defense was not a source of strength and that the forehead did not help the back or vice versa. Walker led the team in safety equipment (100), and his ability to limit the yards won when he was selected as target in the coverage area, placing 10th among the safety players playing the same positions … but Walker did it without the prior help of some of the boys before him…

The Lions hope that Walker can score better in terms of his position in the team and in the league, but they clearly give him the chance to assume that he is, and even more so in the future.

So far, Walker’s been under the radar. However, this will not always be the case in the future.

Statistics on Tracy Walker

At the beginning of his career, it’s easy for Walker to understand what kind of leadership he took on, and it’s not just in the locker room. So far Walker has delivered 124 units and 2 interceptors in only a few seasons. 103 of them came in the last season of 2019.

Walker was also an impressive locker room guide as evidence of this scene in 2019, when he broke into Detroit’s locker room after one of the teams had won.

Well done, well done. Big effort!

Come to the party tonight in the locker room. #OnePride

– Detroit Lyon (@Lions) 27. October 2019

Damn, winning today, man, that’s one way to keep fighting. We just have to keep growing and improving this week, Walker told the team after his victory.

When the Lions exchanged their security buddies with Quandre Diggs last year, they made a deal with the team captain, but it is more than possible that Team Walker will see progress in this noisy role, and it is quite possible that a young defender will be called upon to do so. You can also have a big, mean playmaker in the background, who still has his best days ahead of him.

In fact, Walker is the main reason why the Diggs team came on top. Just two years ago they designed a security project, and with Will Harris they have big plans to protect it as a team.

With his eloquence on these important topics, Walker has also established itself as a true team leader and an important voice for the future.

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