As 39 residents were quarantined on their return from abroad, the Ashok Gardens Society in Suree is taking special precautions to stay safe in the middle of the Covida 19 outbreak.

The company has created a self-quarantine database to provide basic services at their doorstep. We started over a week ago. All foreign visitors were checked at the main entrance, said Dr Gautam Deshpande, dentist.

All common areas in the community are closed.

All common areas in the community are closed.

The company has 542 apartments per 2,000 inhabitants, including professionals from all sectors of society. They banned all foreigners from entering and working part-time. Deliveries have been interrupted, while urgent deliveries have to be dropped off at the main entrance or in the lobby of a certain wing. Buses and laundries have been stopping for over a week. But caretakers and milk vendors were allowed to take care of the elderly. Security personnel were provided with infrared thermometers and disinfection equipment to check them.

The hand cleaners were stored at the entrance.

Only two or three people at a time can enter the clubhouse grocery store and the baskets are disinfected after each use. All common areas are disinfected every half hour and the buttons of the elevator are covered with plastic. The supports are in the elevators, so the people are one and a half meters apart: Our company has 2000 inhabitants, with at least 1000-2000 visitors, so we decided to implement these measures. Whether it’s good or bad, we’ll know later, said Captain Prakash Correa, company secretary.

The rooms have been disinfected.

The clubhouse, which includes a gymnasium and outdoor games, is inaccessible to residents, while those entering the common area and footbridges have been asked to walk away. We’ve never seen such a blackout in our lives and we don’t want to see another one. We understand that these are difficult times, but as soon as they are over, we will all be together again. Just before the virus hit, we organised a volleyball tournament, says Anu Bhatya, company treasurer.

Footprints in the elevator to ensure social distance.

The institution’s office is dedicated to providing medical care to its residents 24 hours a day, said Sanjay Dubet, chairman of the steering committee.

The hazmat suits and first aid kits were ready.

The hazmat suits and first aid kits were ready.

Without the help of a civil agency, we would not have been able to implement these measures. They provide constant support and advice and regularly visit our company to advise those who have been quarantined, said Co-Chairman Mihir Mehta.