Boston Celtics grandson, Taco Fall, has just shown everyone the pros and cons of what he is: Three meters high.

From her Instagram stories, Autumn took her fans on a mini-tour of what it’s like to be so high, from wrestling in the shower to the convenience of putting things on top of cabinets to always keep an eye on things.

Also, as most high-level players can understand, Fall showed how to drive a normal car, how to drive a kart.

The Taco case shows us what it’s like to live upstairs…

(via @tackofall99)

– Sport Illustrated (@SInow) 23. March 2020

Today, Taco Fall is not only the best player in the NBA, but also one of the best in the world. So it was very nice of a newcomer to the Celtics to show the fans what the world looks like to him.

Besides, basketball fanatics had nothing to do last week because of the coronavirus. Maybe Fall just wanted to entertain everyone who practices social distance at home.

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