The current global situation and the associated sanctions against self-isolation have made many people feel safe in their homes and some of them have a lot of free time. Such a person with a newly acquired sense of time is the Star Fast and Furious Vin Diesel, which seems to make very productive use of it. On Wednesday, Diesel went to social networking sites to post his commercial photo in the fantastic action film 2015 Hunter for the Last Witch, accompanied by a tantalizing title that seems to tease Hunter before the last witch 2.

Some of the best scripts were written during this period… All that love, always.
POWERFUL: The latest Witchhunter 2 is in development, explains Vin Diesel.

This says a lot about the fact that Vin Diesel took advantage of this period to actively start writing the scenario for the sequel to The Last Witch Hunter. It is clear that the actor is not afraid of the quality of the scenario evoked. Despite the fact that this is far from confirmed, Diesel probably doesn’t care much for the forward momentum regarding the sequel to the last witch hunt, which has been speculated about since the first film.

Of course, it’s hard to say that’s the case. Despite the fact that the first film was a sequel, it was very negatively received by the critics and generated only $ 146.9 million in the world box office. Diesel, however, insisted that there might be a sequel, and even made a joke last month that a sequel was actively being created.

If the last witch-hunter comes out and doesn’t destroy the cash register, talk under the old excuse: Maybe I should focus on something else. But what’s interesting now is that films find you in a certain way. The more I am experienced as an artist, the more I appreciate that my work finds you in a certain way and that you can experience it at your own pace and rhythm, and I worry less – and maybe it’s because of the praise you get.
Maybe it’s because I’m part of the Avengers, or Disney, the Guardians and Fast, and I’ve had so many great experiences that I think we’re going to think higher – when people tell me they love the witch hunter and they want to see Michael Kane and I’m going to see another one, I say Wow!

It is clear that Diesel is very enthusiastic about this project and has also confirmed that there have been meetings with the studio.

Lyongate comes in and says: We will introduce the author for the next issue. Cool! … And it’s pretty new, by the way. But it’s funny you mentioned the Last Witch Hunter, because I’m in a meeting with Lionsgate and they’re actively working on the sequel to The Last Witch Hunter.

The last witch-hunter follows Vin Diesel in the role of Cowldeer, an immortal witch-hunter who, after centuries of hunting her henchmen, has to face the witch queen once again. The director of the film was Brack Eisner, together with Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood and Michael Kane. This came to us from Vin Diesel’s official Instagram account.

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