Did you ever think you’d buy or sew a suit or a kurti with the right mask? Gone are the days when you had to buy Dupatta after receiving a sales offer. In the summer of 2020, as part of the Covida 19 pandemic, women were forced to give up the idea of combining masks with ethnic clothing in order to stay safe but fashionable while wearing comfortable clothing all day.

Since masks will long be an integral part of our lives, why not make them fashionable? Delhi author Opines Shuchi Singh adds. She also creates revenue for many small businesses that develop and produce these masks. I ordered some nice prints in Ikat and Pochampally (matching my outfits).

All these black and white singles are old. The ladies want it to be the latest fashion. But I don’t charge them extra. It’s free, from me, for his safety. – Shilby Gary, the owner of the store.

Some shop owners have started developing masks adapted for the safety of their regular customers. Shilpie Gary, owner of the Trisha Fabrics store in Rohini, Delhi, sews masks according to the design and colour of the costumes sent to her by customers. Gary’s report: Masks will always be part of our lives because of the crown. Ladies ko aur kya chahi khota hai – the right color, the right hard cheese. All those simple black and white shades are outdated. The ladies want it to be the latest fashion. People demanded bhi bana do kurte ke saath contests karke masks, so I started making them too. But I don’t charge them extra. It’s free, from me, for his safety. Now that courier services have resumed, more and more orders are coming in.

Rashmi Davar, owner of a shop in Gurugram, adds: “It’s very warm now, and the cotton masks are not only comfortable, but also beautiful. I started developing them for my clients and also had many requests. I notice that people associate masks with everyday suits and clothing rather than with formal or semi-formal clothing.

Some stores have also started sewing gloves to match the outfits.

Traders in some folkloric costume markets, especially in Delhi-NCR, also benefit from the growing popularity and need to combine masks with costumes. Surbhi Maggon, owner of a clothing studio in Rajuri Garden, shares this feeling and adds that summer is not complete without cotton fabrics and that adapting masks to an ethnic dress is the way forward for many fashionistas.

Sapna Mangwani, owner of a shop in Agra, says he delivers the masks to Delhi-NCR, and adds that we have questions from Jaipur and Bengaluru. When the lock itself was opened, we thought that every time we opened it, we would provide masks as well as clothing and costumes of the same material. This will certainly help us to support them. And in the next few days we thought about making suitable, washable cotton gloves, so women can wear them when they go to buy food, etcetera.

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