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The internet is a treasure trove of photos that at first glance seem completely different.

Updated : 25. March 2020 18:05 ECT

Picture is divided by red Picture is divided by red Say it again.

Was this image of a man very different at first sight? You’re not the only one. The red user who shared it thought he was wearing a mask – like many others. But it’s only his sunglasses on his head.

Subreddit Wave Perspectives, into which it is divided, is a treasure trove of such images. I bet these photos make you look twice as identical. And chances are they’ll knock you out on the way.

about the GIFI


Is it an advertiser with a disproportionately large head?

Is it too small an advertiser with a big head? From the r/confuse_perspective.


How would you react if you saw a suburban cat?

Changing the r/confusing_perspective cat


She’s got nice hair… oh, wait!

the hair of r/confusing_perspective


Have you ever seen legs longer than that?

Merman paused in r/confusing_perspective.


A window on an invisible wall?!

It is taken from the outside, the landscape is a reflection on the glass in the sense of r/confusing_perspective.


It’s a vertical lawn, or… asked an eloquent user who shared this image. We have the same question, TBH.

Is that a vertical step, or… ? Related to r/confusing_perspective.


Is it a floating blanket?

Floating coverage of r/confusing_perspective


Is it a boy? Is that a dog? Is that a puppy?

dog boy from r/confuse_perspective


He’s a real big man! Is he from Brobdingnag visiting Lilliput?

These types look small in terms of r/confuse_perspective.


Is the cow on the fence?

The cow standing on the fence. Related to r/confusing_perspective.

What’s your most embarrassing image?

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