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Everyone talks about Michael Jordan for a reason when it comes to the historic Chicago bull dynasty. But Scotty Pippen has been no less important for the success of the team and it seems he doesn’t get enough credit for his contribution.

It is clear that Jordan was the face, the leader and the finish line. He was the best player in the world and the most dominant athlete in the history of the game. Pippen, on the other hand, worked quietly and did all the dirty work needed to keep the team going.

This of course caused bruises in the eyes of the people in Pippen’s photo. We thought he was Michael Jordan’s Robin, but in reality he was one of the most experienced players ever on the NBA floor.

If you don’t take our word for it, listen to his former partner Dennis Rodman, who went so far as to say that Pippen was the best player in the league when Michael Jordan first retired, even though he fought for the same success as the Bulls:

If you remember Scotty Pippen, when Michael Jordan left in ’93, ’94 and ’95, Scotty Pippen was the best player in the world. If people didn’t know, he led the team in every category. All categories. Scotty got his wings in 1991, when they defeated the Detroit Pistons. Then he picked up his wings and started riding the tram, winning three championships. When Michael left, Scotty took his place, and the next thing you know, he was the best player in the world. People don’t know that, Rodman said in an interview.

Pippen achieved an average of 22.0 points, 8.7 rebounds, 5.6 assists and 2.9 steals per match immediately after Jordan left the league. However, Hakim Olajuwon dominated that short break and brought his rockets from Houston to the NBA spinning championship.

We have to treat Pippen with respect. It is not for nothing that he is considered the best little bilateral striker in the history of the game.

When Michael Jordan left in ’93… Scotty Pippen was the best player in the world.

-Nnis Rodman

– First double (@FirstTake) 20. April 2020