Megan Fox was chosen in the dark and seemed doomed to live on Hollywood’s A-list after appearing in two blockbuster movies, Transformers. But the comments in which she compared director Michael Bay with Adolf Hitler forced her to give up the franchise.

Bay told GQ 2011 that the decision to fire Fox was not his but the executive producer of the processors, Stephen Spielberg. He said: They know about Hitler, says Stephen (Spielberg): Fire her immediately.

The controversy broke out in 2009 when Fox told Wonderland Magazine that the bay was a nightmare at work. He’s just like Napoleon and wants to create that notoriously crazy reputation for himself, says Fox. He wants to be like Hitler on his set, and that’s what he does. So he’s a nightmare for work, but when he’s off the set and he’s not in control, I really appreciate his personality because he’s so clumsy, so hopelessly clumsy. He has no communication skills. And it’s wonderful to watch him.

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Bay, for his part, stated that he moved after the incident and was not injured. I didn’t get hurt because I know it’s just Megan. Megan wants an answer, Bay told headquarters. And she’s doing it a little wrong. Sorry, Megan. I’m sorry you have to work 12 hours. I’m sorry you had to be on time. Movies are not always warm and soft. Later Bay Fox would have dumped in a reloaded version of the teen mutant ninja turtle he produced.