Entrepreneur Sanjay Nigam announces second season of India Fashion Awards

Delhi, [Indian] : Sanjay Nigam is an entrepreneur and a known name in fashion industry. He is known for being the originator of widely renowned brands like Times Fashion week, Pride of UP, India Bridal fashion Week. India Fashion Awards and La Finesse and many more.

His ventures are out of the box, La Finesse which held the position as the world’s longest fashion series and India fashion awards which is a flagship event recognising and celebrating every aspect of fashion industry are remarkable. He started his career a decade ago by conducting brand promotions, events, beauty pageants and shows in small towns. As a successful serial-entrepreneur, Sanjay Nigam has founded a few companies which are subsidiaries to Talent Factory, such as Moksh Events, in 2006 which became one of India’s leading event companies, La-Finesse – a famous fashion show – in 2011 where Indian talent blended with the global talent. In 2013 he started Indian Bridal Fashion Week (Delhi), where India’s prominent designers showcased their collections at various international destinations.

Mr. Nigam feels Fashion is the most influential form of non-verbal communication and he wants to make India Fashion Awards a global platform which aims to recognize and showcase creativity and innovation displayed by various heroes of fashion who belong to different tiers of industry. According to him technicians, artisans, branding experts, backstage managers hair makeup artists plays equally important role to take the event and industry ahead and that is why along with stalwarts of the industry giving recognition this key people is important.

The outbreak of the corona virus led to an immediate lockdown for almost a quarter of the world’s population and everything suddenly took a halt. The pandemic has affected the fashion industry just like other businesses. But fighting through these tough times, The India Fashion Awards is back with its second season.“The event focuses on recognizing the unsung heroes of fashion on a global platform by commercializing their creativity. India Fashion Awards 2021 is aiming to support local fashion and individuals who have made significant contributions to the industry and highlight them in global market. We are awarding and honoring the achievers in different fields of the fashion industry and especially the ones who work tirelessly behind the stage. In nutshell, IFA aims to support art, artisans and artists.” says Mr. Sanjay Nigam.