One app for seamless and contact less air travel

Flyzy collaborates with Travel Food Services, providing seamless passenger services at major Airports in India

New Delhi, [India]: Claiming to be the first of its kind dedicated aviation modern technology solution, tech startup founded by three young Indian Tech Geeks, Flyzy app is a one stop solution for frequent flyers as well as newbies.

Making use of the Artificial Intelligence, Flyzy aims to revolutionize the travel module to be free of hurdle for any passenger, and is currently operational at six major Airports in India. Since the inception of the pandemic, which has triggered a sense of extra hygiene and safety parameters, especially among the Indian population, Flyzy’s adaptation comes as a touchless transaction towards a technology fueled product among frequent travelers.

This seems like good news for frequent travelers in India, especially in the times when safety and personalized experiences are high in demand. Flyzy is a travel-tech startup co-founded by Deepak Meena, Hansraj Patel, and Arjit Singh IIT Guwahati students. It aims to optimize the travel sector via its unique hi-tech AI-enabled solutions and make travel contactless, safer, and simpler.

Passengers flying in and out of the six airports namely, Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai are at an added advantage to avail a host of customer-friendly and comfort-oriented services offered by Flyzy app. Having a plethora of benefits, the travel tech app assists the passengers to sync with retailers, service providers, and all stakeholders facilitating their travel, at their fingertips.

Flying is all about making good use of technology and co-operation from the best in the industry so that passengers can experience simpler and better journeys. We have partnered with various global airlines and airport authorities in order to upgrade the travel operations and enhance the sales and non-aeronautical revenues, making a passenger friendly travel. And I am glad to announce that we are now officially available at six airports in India: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Goa across all 250+ F&B outlets and ten lounges of TFS” said Arjit Singh, Chief Business Officer, Flyzy

Being a contributor in accelerating the growth, Flyzy could be the uplifting of travel restrictions across and the upbeat atmosphere in the travel industry given the vaccination drive that is already in process in India.

We have always been early adopters when it comes to technology, be it creating award-winning and patented in-house technology products or tying up with innovating tech solutions such as Flyzy. Our end motto is to create the best-in-class traveller’s experience and Flyzy makes it tech-enabled and easier for the end-user.” Said Gaurav Dewan, COO and Business Head, Travel Food Services, India

Recognized under PM Narendra Modi’s campaign Startup India, Flyzy has been a passenger friendly campaign to many. Making a seamless and contactless experience for the passengers, without the need to waste time spending standing in long queues.

“I am a regular business traveler, and since the pandemic, the imposed restrictions have definitely affected my work flow. After getting across the Flyzy app, I have been in an ease to fly. During the primary stages of the upliftment of travel restrictions, I came across this passenger who was making use of this app and was completely hassle free throughout his travel (as we were on the same flight). On approaching he told about Flyzy and its benefits” said one of the frequent flyers.