Clove Dental, India’s Largest Dental Group, celebrates 10 Yearsof Dedicated Serviceto over10 lakh patients

On its 10th anniversary,Clove Dental appeals to the government to roll out a national plan for a cavity free nation

New Delhi, [India]: Clove Dental turns 10 on 18th March. As a token of gratitude to our patients for trusting us as their dental partner, all 343 clinics in 23 cities across India are carrying out oral health awareness campaigns throughout March. Additionally, Clove’s Anniversary month also coincides with the World Oral Health month recognized globally. On these occasions, Clove appeals to the government to roll out a national plan for a cavity free nation on the lines of other national plans like Anemia Mukt Bharat, Prevention & Control of NCD & so on.

Mr. Amrinder Singh, Founder & CEO, Clove Dental said, “Oral Health in India lags behind those of most nations, including many developing nations. According to the draft National Oral Health Policy, the proportion of untreated caries of permanent teeth and severe periodontitis is higher compared to other oral disorders. Yet, only 12% of adults have ever had their mouth examined by a dentist, potentially increasing the risk of other conditions. The reason behind this abysmal figure is that people neglect oral hygiene or consider it secondary to general health. There is a need of national plan backed by government to realize the dream of a cavity free nation. AtClove, on our 10th anniversary, we pledge to take charge of the dental health of 10 lac more people this year.”

The Clove story started in 2011, when Mr.Amarinder Singh, Founder & CEO, launched the first Clove Dental Clinic in Delhi with a vision to build an ethical, transparent and high-quality network of dental clinics across India.

Within few years, Clove Dental became the Largest Dental Chain in India & Asia. Clove’s 700+ dentists are highly experienced and most have specialized advanced degrees (MDS) to ensure that every Clove patient gets the right treatment in a high-qualityset up in an ethical manner. These clinicians have enabled us to earn the trust of more than 10 lac patients. Every Clove clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, follows stringent standardized clinical protocols and uses branded FDA, IMA & CE approved consumables. Clove Dental offers complete spectrum of Dental Solutions, from restorative treatments like fillings and root canal to Dental Implants and other complex Oral and maxillofacial surgery along with the latest smile designing treatment procedures at affordable prices.

The clinical network has grown based onstrict adherence to the highest standards in asepsis, sterilization, and disinfection with a constant focus on ethics and transparency. Without these fundamental pillars of operations; Quality, Convenience and transparency in pricing, providing dental treatment to 10 lac patients would be impossible.

“Keeping in view the sharp focus that we had on enabling best customer experience, we increased our presence in every neighborhood with clinics being operational even on weekends. Most people are scared to visit dentists & to address that we introduced a warm and friendly Café style clinic design look to our clinics with soothing ambience to reduce the anxiety during a dental visit”, said Mr. Singh.

Lt Gen Dr Vimal Arora, Chief Clinical Officer, Clove Dental said “What sets Clove Dental apart is its commitment to provide quality dental care with a zero-compromise policy on safety & hygiene standards. During COVID pandemic, Clove was the only chain of dental clinics to continue providing emergency services from few assigned clinics following stringent protocols. Clove enhanced its already comprehensive safety protocols and launched the ‘10x Safety Protocols’which are now trademarked. We also deployed safety equipment like Aerosol suction & decontamination unit and Constant fumigation device to ensure a completely sterile & hygienic clinical environment in all its clinics. These 10XSafety Protocols have been requested and adopted by many dental set ups across the globe and acknowledged internationally.The stringent safety protocols also include the4-step sterilization process of instruments which was trademarked way back in 2015 and practiced in all clinics. These processes are a testament to our highest safety and sterilization standards. The autoclaved and sealed pouches of instruments are opened in front of the eyes of the patient to instill confidence in its processes.“

“I have always believed that to celebrate a milestone we have to celebrate the journey. In healthcare, every day is a learning experience and in the last 10 years we have learnt so much from our doctors & patients and we continue to grow &deploy new equipment, processes, and technology to provide an unparalleled clinical experience.Clove plans to continue its expansion phase and envisions to add 100+ centers every year as the infrastructure deployment tries to catch up to the need which exceeds 2500 new clinics every year in India.” said Mr. Singh.

On the occasion of World Oral Health Day & Clove Dental’s 10th Year anniversary, Clove dentists are renewing their commitment tooral health awarenessand pledging to take charge of the dental health of 10 lacmore people this year with its anniversary special dental health program.