Danube Group beckons people to move to Dubai to live and work

For the people going to Dubai to work, live or buy a property there, Danube Group presents an excellent opportunity to choose from the choicest range of options offered by the conglomerate.

 New Delhi [India], July 7: Dubai with its shiny skyscrapers, picturesque locations, and beaches has already gained limelight among the ex-pats looking to move somewhere they can get an abundance of success and growth not only professionally, but personally too.  Considering that Dubai is a fantastic place to live and work, Danube Group, the Dubai-based multi-billion-dollar conglomerate has a lot to offer to people to move to Dubai for a variety of reasons.

Already there is a long history of celebrities and eminent people living in Dubai, but that’s not all about rich and famous, many others also choose to move to Dubai for a rewarding and fulfilling life.  While Dubai with its thriving business economy presents abundant employment opportunities in various fields and industries, it also offers tax-free income to its residents, besides providing a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be exposed to not only the traditional middle-east culture, but a global lifestyle as Dubai is a melting pot of globalisation with a real community feel.

Mr. Rizwan Sajan, Chairman, and Founder of Danube Group said, “While the people of Dubai are very warm and friendly, one can find a mix of cosmopolitan and traditional culture in Dubai with people always with a smile on their face and willing to help each other. Moreover, the cost of living in Dubai is also very-very reasonable if you compare it with any other cosmopolitan city across the globe. Pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, an abundance of entertainment, and above all tax-free income are the other attractive reasons for the people to move to Dubai for a rewarding and fulfilling life.”

Chairman & Founder, Danube Group

Rightly so, Dubai is known for its pleasant weather, even during the so-called winter months, Dubai boasts its clear blue sky perfect for going to the beaches and for all kinds of outdoor activities. The people in Dubai are also very warm, helpful, friendly, and welcoming. The biggest attractive factor is that there are dozens of nationalities living here, so everyone gets fit in wherever he comes from. Moreover, the law-and-order situation in Dubai is exemplary and it ensures the safety, security, and well-being of all. Low interest and mortgage rates, a highly effective COVID-19 vaccination drive, and new visa rules for investors introduced by the UAE authorities present a favourable scenario for anyone keen to live, work, or trade in Dubai.  The way that the COVID-19 crisis has been handled by the Emirate sends out a strong message to the world that Dubai continues to be a flourishing hub of business.

As Dr. Mahmoud AlBurai of Dubai Land Department and Senior Advisor- Dubai Government, Global Goodwill Ambassador, Ecosystems builder, and SDGs leader aptly puts it, “Dubai real estate market has been booming recently due to keen participation from foreign investors. The market is looking up and it’s time to invest in Dubai, as this will definitely be an investment of a lifetime.” He added that in the last five months, Dubai has witnessed the influx of foreign investors with the following investment in US dollars: 6 billion (India); 2.9 billion (UK), 1.4 billion (China); 1.3 billion (France); 1.26 billion (Pakistan); 1.18 billion (Russia); 1.07 billion (Iran); 1.04 billion (Canada) and 720 million from Saudi Arabia, to name a few.

Even though property prices over the past six months have gone up by 30-35 percent, property in Dubai is still cheaper compared to many other major international hubs such as Hong Kong and London. While villa prices have gone up and will continue to do so in the coming months, apartment prices are still low and make for an attractive investment. The luxury property market in Dubai has already started recovering, and the affordable property market will follow.

Depending on all these factors, Dubai is even witnessing an increasing number of investors from India expressing interest in coming and opening their business in the city, or purchasing their choicest property there. According to Danube Group, Dubai enjoys the confidence of global investors. Not just investors from India but a lot of European and Chinese ex-pats are also looking to purchase property in Dubai, and the city continues to be a flourishing hub of business and living.

About Danube Group

Established in the year 1993, Danube Group was founded and cultivated under the leadership of Rizwan Sajan, the Founder, and Chairman of the Group. Starting as a small trading firm, the company is moving from strength to strength, expanding its foothold in the region, and has established itself as the No. 1 building materials company along with other branches under its vast umbrella. In 2019, the company recorded a turnover of USD 1.3 billion and has been growing ever since. Rizwan Sajan was ranked 12th among the ‘Top 100 Indian leaders in the UAE’ List by Forbes Middle East. As one of the largest suppliers in the region, Danube Group’s operations are dominated by two main segments – Building Materials FZCO and Danube Home (Home Interior/ Décor Solutions), which brings together a variety of state-of-the-art products available at showrooms strewn across the MENA region.