The Histare Group, along with Silverseven reveals the Art Gestalt

New Delhi [India], July 7: The Art Gestalt, a unique Market Research Report produced by the Histare Group in a strategic partnership with Silverseven analyzes the status of India’s creative sector and its relationship with the rest of the World, indicating a significant influence of enabling factors to advance approaches.

The report is aimed at encouraging and empowering all the stakeholders of the Creative Industry to create & contribute towards a sustainable model of growth, especially for the unorganised Indian market in accordance with the global standards.

In order to facilitate and understand the demand better, the report aims at decoding the buyer at both national and international levels. The team identified what factors motivate them to buy or invest in art which can be utilised by the artist/ art houses/ auction houses to curate their collection according to their strengths which appeals to the buyers.

The report further deep dives into India’s exports, a sector which is largely dominated by the handlooms and handicrafts verticals. Bangladesh and China were the biggest importers of Indian handlooms; however, the share by the most populous country in the world has seen a declining trend for the same. Histare’s team of market analysts have evaluated the hurdles faced by the Indian handicrafts and handloom producers and put forth some solutions towards giving a boost to the trade and how the advent of technology could act as a catalyst of growth.

Observing the global trends, modern and contemporary art holds its distinct position, the report has been dissected by geography, price, period, and buyers. We put forth a contrast to the Indian and Global markets in the Modern Art segment to extrapolate the future of Indian modern art.

The World has witnessed the ever involving technologies transforming various industries; the art world is no different. The team has curated lists of new media art forms and how technology is utilised with different art forms. Analysing the hurdles that have surfaced in modern times, we also proposed some potential growth opportunities with forecasted trends that will drive the vertical.

The Internet has had its impact on the perception of the industry which in return affects the value of artists as well as their work. We have seen a surge in the utilisation of social media platforms by the stakeholders to influence the purchase pattern of artworks.

About HORA Insights

The decision-making process of organizations has evolved through the years with an increasing focus on market and trend analysis. We, at Histare, intend to help get to the top of the market mountain to ensure we do not go through the trouble of climbing it. Our annually published market reports, which have been curated by interacting with influencers, surveying consumers in focus groups, ethnography, and digital communities, give the true picture of how the industry is building up. We aim to create a sustainable model of growth for the industry by investing in advanced research.

We, at HORA Insights, use this research to better the system of organizations by analyzing various collaborations that will make other industries a part of the Indian creative Industry. With systematization transforming our everyday lives, it is imperative that continuous innovation is carried out in the preservation and progress of creativity around the globe.

About Histare

The Histare Group was founded in the year 2016 and is headquartered in the capital of India. The Group was created with the aim to advance ideas to transcend temporal boundaries by encompassing creative minds.

About Silverseven

The Silverseven Group of Companies are at the forefront of a disruptive change in mindsets and leadership; a unique blend between private equity, technological pioneer, and consulting firm. The global company aims to accelerate and create lasting change in multiple disciplines while helping facilitate a transition to a sustainable economy. Their mission is to start multiple ventures and invest in companies that have sustainable innovation implemented at their core that can drive transformation in societies using their everyday business propositions, alongside building a global network of volunteers and supporters to contribute towards creating a positive impact worldwide.
The article has been produced by Histare Office of Research and Advisory with Strategic Brand Communication Partner – The Ornate Chronicle.

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