Disha Patani Joins Meet And Greet Session Organised By Drools In Mumbai

Mumbai, Aug 6: Drools, India’s leading pet food brand, organised a meet and greet session with Bollywood actress Disha Patani in Mumbai on August 3rd, 2021.  The event was organised for the winners of the meet and greet contest, pet lovers, trade partners, senior members of the Drools sales team and NGO personnel.

The event was for pet lovers and pet guardians to prioritize their diets including nutritious bites and healthy munchies. Disha Patani, who is known to be attached to her furry friends, talked about their place in the family and how it is imperative for one to pay attention and put conscious efforts into taking care of the pet babies. The actress not only represented pet lovers but was also thankful for the honour Drools bestowed upon her by inviting her to the event that focused on pet care and diet. Culminating her talk with feeding the strays, she warmly thanked Drools for all its efforts in pursuing the Pawsitive project where the brand donated food to an animal care NGO. Congratulating the winners, she reflected her gratitude towards everyone present and wished well to the community helping pets and strays.

Using her rapport to create a difference that matters, Actor Disha Patani said, “I have been associated with Drools for the past two years and would like to thank them for giving me this opportunity to express my love and care towards the pets. The brand is treading a challenging path for a good cause and I appreciate all that goes into it. Furthermore, if there is one thing I want to give special space to, it is how strays should be equally loved as they deserve the same love too. Thanks to Drools for making their voice heard and having their bellies filled with nutritious bites and affection” Disha added.

Addressing the grave situation of the COVID-19 outbreak, one will notice how it isn’t a surprise that fur kids on the street were reported to be severely impacted. Lack of food and essentials led numerous stray dogs to suffer from hunger and eventually lose the battle against it. That is when Drools stepped in to take accountability for the local dogs and left no stone unturned in feeding them and taking care of their well-being. The effort that started as an inspiration to save a few strays caught pace and the brand passionately contributed towards the same. Recently, Drools made an alliance with an NGO called ‘Yoda’ which has been working towards animal welfare since 2010 and donated 250 kgs of pet food to the organisation. The focus of this collaboration is to inculcate the sense of responsibility towards the pets, loving them, taking care of them equally as we take care of our loved ones, and encouraging sensitivity towards strays and keeping them well-fed regardless of the circumstances.

Commenting on the association, Dr. Shashank Sinha, National Sales Director, Drools, says, “I am overwhelmed with the responses of the contestants who have taken immense interest in participating in the contest conducted by Drools.  Also, mushrooming the impact of the contest through Disha Patani holds immense significance and I thank her for gracing us with her presence today. Drools have always looked forward to pampering the pet-babies with its extensive range of products for healthier fur coats, strengthening their immune and digestive system and such other verticals.”

The ongoing pandemic has been an eye-opener for all of us and made us realize the value of health. It’s about time we understand that our pets’ health is no less important than ours and take necessary actions to nourish their well-being; we can start with taking care of their diets and feeding them with nutritious meals.

Drools is stepping up its game with one-of-its-kind pet food supplements and treats along with a vet range,  India’s most loved and trusted pet food label is not only spreading joy in the homeland but has also expanded its global footprint in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Maldives, Mauritius, Oman, Nigeria, UAE,  and Tanzania. Delving into pet accessories, Drools seems to be taking over the market and leading the industry. Drools, with the support and love of pet parents and the extensive care for fur-friends, has become the top-notch brand for cat food and is testing the international waters to own the global sea in the near future.

About Drools

Drools, one of India’s leading pet food brands established in 2010 by Mr. Fahim Sultan is the flagship brand of ABIS Exports Pvt. Ltd. Over the last decade, the brand has successfully become the second-largest company in the sector of pet nutrition in India. Drools have a pan India presence with more than 10,000 outlets.

As a leading manufacturer of specialised pet food, it aims at providing superior quality nutrition with the strength of its key ingredient– real chicken. All the products contain organic minerals and essential oils, no artificial colours or flavours and undergo rigorous quality checks. The production facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified and in sync with the global standards. The plant uses German machinery and a vacuum coating process to ensure the premier quality of food.

The brand understands the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet for a pet’s growth hence their in-house team of nutritionists and veterinarians ensure to create superior quality food, specific to the growing needs of pets. Owing to the time invested in extensive research, Drools ensures in all its products a consistent taste, better digestibility and absorption. Furthermore, the products promote muscle development, improve immunity, strengthen bones and maintain joint health.

In addition to this, Drools is delighted to announce that they were the 2nd largest brand in terms of volume in India, but today it has become the 2nd largest pet food brand in terms of value as well.