Metropolitan University College of Medicine, Antigua, announces up to 50% scholarships for meritorious students

The University has offered the scholarship to support the global deficiency of doctors due to the Covid 19 pandemic

[Antigua and Barbuda] August 20: Situated on one of the most popular islands in the Eastern Caribbean, Metropolitan University College of Medicine Antigua (MUCM) offers a perfect blend of high-quality medical education and exemplary quality of life. At Metropolitan University College of Medicine Antigua, students are subjected to rigorous preparations in line with the best American practices in education to enable them to become exceptional doctors, serve humanity and build a better world together by offering healthcare services to those in need.

MUCM is a medical university located in the beautiful country of Antigua and Barbuda. Led by the Academic Dean – Prof (Dr.) George Turner, an Alumnus of the prestigious Johns Hopkins University, is the University’s mission to recruit, enrich, train, and develop intelligent and vibrant minds to become outstanding and progressive Medical Doctors who would leave their mark on the global stage of medical practitioners. MUCM is working religiously to bring hope and comfort to patients through research and the integration of strategies in order to prolong life through exceptional patient care coupled with community service.

MUCM delivers accredited medical programs that focus on student-centric delivery of the curriculum. The aim is to improve the global healthcare systems by developing well-trained global physicians capable of performing original research, becoming holistic doctors, and providing exceptional patient care. MUCM is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of Antigua and Barbuda, and the MD program is approved and registered with Antigua and Barbuda National Accreditation Board.MUCMalso provides undergraduate and professional graduate courses of international merit in the medical and allied health sciences.

As part of their CSR initiative, the Metropolitan University College of Medicine has responded to the worldwide shortage of medical professionals by offering a special Covid-19study package with up to 50% scholarships based on merit and means to deserving candidates studying at Metropolitan University College of Medicine.MUCM invites one and all to be a part of this rewarding experience, one that shall last many generations. Students, Teachers and parents are welcome to Contact MUCM officials to schedule a visit and talk to one of the University admission personnel.

Through this path-breaking initiative, MUCM aims to assist 1000 students across the globe who are unable to continue their education to gain access to the state-of-the-art facilities of MUCM and personalized care.