A New Beginning for Bhavin Bhanushali As He Steps Into the Music Industry with His Debut Song Dil Vich

Mumbai (India), December 15: Bhavin Bhanushali, the actor turned musician is back to delight his fans and this eclectic track ‘Dil Vich’ marks the beginning of his singing journey. The song marks his debut as a singer and is released across all streaming platforms and Youtube. “Dil Vich”, features his sweetheart Sameeksha Sud. This Gujarati boy has added life, soul and a Punjabi charm to his romantic debut. Passionate about his dream to become an artist, Bhavin always followed it aggressively but has now stepped into the arena only once he was satisfied with the overall efforts and the final output. The track has taken years of efforts on curating and conceptualizing and is now, finally out for all his followers and fans. Today, the world recognizes him for his acting alone but it’s only a matter of time when he will be known for his music. ‘Dil Vich’ is a sweet melody against a Punjabi lyrical backdrop, written in assistance with Sahil Atwal. The music is by Kirtan Brahmabhatt from Ahmedabad, Ramji Gulati has shot the track and it features his Teen Tigada sweetheart, Sameeksha Sud. The song defines his real-life journey and the efforts in becoming a social media influencer. It endeavours to showcase the subtle balance between the glorious outer side with an underline of challenges faced by an artist and content creator.

The video has been shot amidst some of the scenic locations of Armenia. Speaking about the song, Bhavin adds, “My journey has been phenomenal, it’s had its own struggles and challenges but with great outcomes. With God’s blessings, today I am glad that I am able to release my very own independent track ‘Dil Vich’ and Qyuki has been supportive throughout. I have been passionate about music since a very young age and there is nothing more satisfying than being called an artist and being appreciated for your art.” Speaking about the Song, Juhi Mehta, COO, shares, “Bhavin won adulation as a child star ‘Ishan”. He continued doing the same when he moved on to short format and became one of the country’s leading influencers- Always innovating, always a step ahead of the curve, he has added yet another feather to his cap. Crooning his first solo song, this Multi talented star, has touched the heartstrings with a melody as charming as he is. We at Qyuki wish him the very best.”