HGTV’s Inside Out truly inspires you to refurbish your dwelling, says it’s co-host and entrepreneur Mike Pyle

The show is all about exploring various alternatives that can turn your dream home to reality

January 29: Inside Out is a popular television show which features hosts Sabatella and Mike Pyle, the former being a real estate agent and interior designer, and the latter an entrepreneur and landscape designer. They have a set budget on which they work on to take charge of the home renovations, inside and outside. It’s quite interesting to watch how these two to complete the renovation within the set budget, giving the place a stunning makeover. The way this talented duo take over the project and transform it is truly admirable.

Talking about the show, its co-host Mike says, “after being in the business of landscape designing and consulting for the past 15 years, I felt I needed to take an extra step and do something which would satisfy my creative urge. Being in this show helps me explore my creativity to its optimum levels, and I’m extremely happy to be a part of this show, which has gained wide appreciation.” The coming together of these experts who are well-versed with the nitty-gritty’s of space designing came as a boon for those who were looking for a show which would help them with creative ideas to redefine their home spaces.

Mike, the owner of Mike Pyle Design, has been transforming multiple garden spaces and backyards for his clients for over a decade has become a celebrity of sorts with this show gaining popularity. People are eager to know more about this entrepreneur, which goes beyond his professional life. To this, he says, “I’m overwhelmed with the response the show has garnered, and the kind of support viewers have shown us is truly gratifying.” When he’s not shooting for his show or is not busy with his work, he spends time at Newport Mesa Unified school district teaching students about harvesting vegetables and gardening and also enlightening them about plant care within the STEP program.