American singer, Sabrina Sapal released her latest single – ‘Shattered’

American singer, Sabrina Sapal released her latest single – ‘Shattered’

March 7: American singer, Sabrina Sapal released her latest single ‘Shattered’. Written, composed, and sung by Sabrina Sapal herself, the music had been produced by popular music producer and pianist, Azad Saab. The music video for the newly launched song has been directed by Los Angeles-based director, Jake Steven. The video has been shot at a vintage property in San Diego, California which was the best fit for the theme of the song. San Diego, California is also known to be one of the most scenic places on the west coast of the United States. Sabrina is seen as the main act of the video as the song portrays raw emotions along with a catchy melody.

Sharing her thoughts on the recently launched song, Sabrina Sapal commented, “I enjoy being experimental with the songs that I release and every single song to date has been of a different flavor and style. I like creating music that others can relate to. ’Shattered’ is one of those songs someone can listen to while experiencing something in their life. I have often received fan messages about the songs and how it connects them to a special moment or experience. They instantly think back of a specific moment in their life and how it helped them overcome something difficult.”

Sabrina’s musical work has both western and eastern influences as she grew up listening to all types of genres while growing up in the United States. Even while traveling around the world, Sabrina always pays close attention to local music in every country to find out what people enjoy listening to. Everything about eastern music intrigues her, which is why she always kept that part in her music alive. At the age of 5, she started attending concerts of famous singers and when she saw them on stage, she instantly knew it was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. A year later she sang on stage for the first time and she could never forget the ecstatic feeling while the crowd cheered for a 6-year-old. Another year later, she began training to play the clarinet. She can easily read music because of her training in instruments. Many instruments have also been self-taught such as the ‘Dhol’ and ‘Darbuka.

Sabrina has also done a few ads, still shoots, commercials, and music videos in India. She has also been a part of the lyric writing process, music, and singing in ads. Despite the language barrier, she mentioned that working with an Indian crew made her feel comfortable, as they were always supportive and helpful on set. She has shot her two music videos ‘Mast Malang’ and ‘Shauq Marran Da’ in Mumbai, India that were release by Times Music. Sabrina has modeled for jewelry companies, casual western clothing companies, and some high-fashion photo shoots with magazines. She says her most memorable photoshoot was by photographer Denzil Christian. The photoshoot included elaborate styling, which was exciting for her.

Many of Sabrina’s other songs have reached a substantial audience. Her songs are available on YouTube as well as all audio streaming platforms. Her upcoming project will be released with European-based music producers, DJ Dark & Mentol who have a tremendous following. This upcoming song is also written and composed by Sabrina herself and is of the EDM genre. Sabrina’s last EDM release was ‘Maharaja,’ which reached over a million views on YouTube. There are also other songs in the pipeline, which are of various genres ready to reach the ears of music lovers very soon.

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