CIFDAQ- An Exchange Ushering a Way to Women Investors in Crypto Trading

March 8: Insecurity, fear of losing out on profits, wired emotions have always been a part of the crypto space. It was just a few years back investors, traders, and individuals were being vocal about exchanging virtual assets to participate in this chain of decentralized finance. The chain has been holding onto a deluge of community ushering productivity and innovation. A glimpse of one such innovation is CIFDAQ.

The best thing about the popularity of crypto trading is that it is no more gender dominated but Gender Neutral in recent times. As per a report by BockFi, 45 % of Women now know how to buy crypto, Ethereum is the most popular crypto among the female investors and Karnataka constitutes 30% of women crypto users followed by 12 % in Maharashtra and 10 % in Delhi. This speaks volumes how an inclusive trading space can fine tune the approach for women to explore the crypto space.

Last month on 22nd of February, spot trading by CIFDAQ was thrown open to the world, with over 34+ crypto assets like BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, MATIC, DOT, SHIB, ATOM, ALGO, BNB, LUNA, SAND, ADA, and many more. It bestowed upon its traders with an opportunity to make a space for their choice of virtual assets and to make a fruitful investment.

Crypto as far as we might be concerned has been constructed not exclusively on blockchain yet in addition to a solid community. We Women have the innate qualities to build a stronger community. This is the ideal opportunity for us to gather and take part in crypto space with a perspective on accumulating financial freedom and bridling our inborn range of abilities.”- Sheetal Maradiya (Chief Information Technology Officer – CIFDAQ)

What makes CIFDAQ a novel concept is the fact that it is the first-of-its-kind Exchange which is a Mix Breed, Cross Assets, Integrated Trading platform, that is, it is a platform which facilitates an individual to trade several assets across various Verticals. CIFDAQ is the only exchange in the world in which the subscriber could trade Stocks, Crypto currencies, Derivatives to Gold Bonds, Perpetual Contracts, Fiat currencies, etc.

A Dive Through Products That CIFDAQ Offers

With the Exchange being open to Spot Trading of more than 34 Crypto currencies, individuals have the option to trade in any Crypto currency they desire to. CIFDAQ also has a crypto currency of its own, CIFD. The CIFD Token has intrinsic as well as extrinsic qualities, which means, it acts as a mode of payment within the Exchange and can be used to purchase various services offered by the platform, and furthermore, the company is taking the necessary steps to ensure that CIFD can be used as a mode of payment outside the Exchange too, in sectors like Gold, Healthcare, Pharmacy, E-Commerce and Logistics etc.

Spot Trading is available on the platform, but in addition to this, the availability of Synthetic Tickers on the Exchange in future will also allow an individual to trade in Synthetic Assets. A synthetic asset acts as a derivative to the actual assets, and therefore, an individual who trades in synthetic assets does need to trade in the actual Asset, but trade contracts which follow the price of the Asset, without actually ever owning the asset.

The Exchange also boasts of a cutting-edge technology in the form of AI Powered Trading BOTs, which are entirely cloud based and automated. These BOTS, which are out of the purview of manipulation or intervention by any central authority, are advanced enough to enable an individual to earn passive income, even if the individual is new to the world of trading, and knows little to nothing about trading.

Safety And Security – A No Compromise Notion

Safety and security is given utmost importance at CIFDAQ, and therefore, their very own Crypto currency, CIFD is also based on Ethereum blockchain. The Company is also creating their own blockchain to ensure additional safety features, keeping in mind the myths and misconceptions that exist regarding investing and trading in Crypto currencies.

The Crypto currency Inventory is also stored in a Decentralized database cluster, which is then further spread across various servers, with each server requiring its own write permission. This also ensures retrieval of data from a single server even if the smooth functioning of other servers is compromised.

CIFDAQ also offers a unique service of Fantasy pairing. Unlike the existing Pairs offered in Dual Trading in the Exchanges that exist today, CIFDAQ has the option of Fantasy Trading, which allows the subscriber to trade with any Fantasy Pair he desires to. The Exchange also offers the option of Trading Triplets, a unique concept which enables the subscriber to trade in not just a Pair of two assets, but three assets.

Initiation And Idea Behind CIFDAQ

When asked how he envisioned CIFDAQ, Mr. Himanshu Maradiya, the Founder and CEO of CIFDAQ stated, “The need for a platform where a person could trade across various Verticals, where he has the freedom to pair his Assets the way he desires, where an uninitiated trader could earn, and where any inhibitions a person has about safety of their assets are eradicated is how CIFDAQ came into being.”

The meticulous understanding and providing of tangible solutions for the existing problems in the trading ecosystem was the idea behind CIFDAQ, and looking at the products and services the Exchange offers, it would be fair to assume that the promises made are being fulfilled. As the motto of the Company states, “CIFD – A Token that talks, and CIFDAQ – An Exchange that speaks’ ‘, and it speaks volumes about the solutions provided.