Haber brings AI/ computer-vision driven efficiency and sustainability accelerator to the MENA region

New Delhi (India), March 9: Haber, an India based AI startup, steps into the MENA market with its industry-transforming technology. Haber develops AI-driven solutions which automate the tedious manual process of sample collection, measurement, analysis and intervention at factories.

With the economy booming and pacing up, the introduction of AI has become inevitable to achieve maximum efficiency. The process manufacturing industry, which includes pulp and paper, metals and mining, sugar, breweries and others has been no exception to this. There is a need to get rid of cumbersome and error-prone manual processes to grow in the current environment. Haber’s AI-based plug and play solution perfectly serves the needs of the industry and ensures maximum output. It has reduced the time and errors arising due to manual testing and dosing. It has built a first of its kind solution which automates the entire cycle from data collection, analysis and up to intervention.

After having been tried, tested and proven itself in the Indian markets, Haber is entering the MENA region. It is a very promising market, estimated to be $2 billion across industries. The AI solutions will ensure the industries are at the best of their efficiency as well as sustainability by reducing both water consumption and carbon footprint. Ensuring overall equipment efficiency has been the key behind Haber’s success. Since 2017, Haber has helped the industry save fifty billion litres of water and eliminate half a million tons of carbon emissions.

“MENA being one of the fastest-growing economies and its lookout for technology to transform the industry has made it the best location for Haber’s next step” mentions Vipin Raghavan,  CEO of Haber, ” The excellent talent pool in this region would further help us in setting up our own manufacturing unit and data science teams here to expedite our services.”  Haber’s entry into the region would thus not only support the industry but also create job opportunities for talent from various fields like engineering, data science and management. The expansion would further be supported by trade agreements between India and countries like UAE, which signed the free trade agreement late last week.

Haber plans to invest up to $5 million in the coming year to support its expansion. The investment would mostly be focused on hiring new talent in UAE and setting up a factory which would be critical to manufacturing the hardware of eLIXA.

Haber has exhibited its solutions at the Paperone show happening at Sharjah from the 7th -9th March 2022. The platform was used to launch their SaaS product, Kaiznn. It is an intelligent software, aimed at improving the speed of operations, reducing losses and maximising order fulfilment. Version 4.0 of the flagship product, eLIXA, was also launched. The latest version is a secure system that is 100% resilient to cyber attacks, ensuring complete security of the data which drives action. It also has better ergonomics and 30% lower volume.

Haber has raised a funding of $27 million to date through three rounds of funding and is backed by Accel, Elevation Capital, Ascent Capital, Beenext, Temasek Partner Mukul Chawla and the founders of Grey Orange.

boundaries.Haber envisions building a strong team, clientele base and deploying over 200 eLIXAs in this region in the next 2 years. Haber’s expansion is the perfect example of how delivering value to the customer can make a business grow across geographical.

Haber builds AI solutions to drive sustainability. Based out of Pune, they primarily serve the process manufacturing industry. They automate processes, utilities, and water systems. They drive robotic sampling, real-time testing, statistical model-driven data analysis, intuitive dashboards and automate the dosing of chemicals. Improvements in raw material yield, consistent product quality, and lower downtime have been achieved by Haber. They have empowered plant managers and CXOs with historic and real-time trends and insights enabling operational intervention to achieve sustainability and productivity goals and optimize costs.