Bollyframe music launches Abhijeet Singh’s singing debut titled Rooh, set to break all the records

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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 11: There is no right time and age to convert your dreams to reality and singer Abhijeet Singh has come up with a perfect example for this. Son of a regional singer, Abhijeet Singh always wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and is now all set to make him proud. Due to the course of life and the challenges that it threw at Abhijeet, he couldn’t fulfill his singing dream. However, he was determined to make it happen. His renowned music company, Bollyframe music, became his route to fulfill his aspiration.

The new song Rooh is among the 4 latest songs that Bollyframe music has produced recently during their shooting trip to Dubai. Abhijeet Singh is the singer and producer of the song. Rooh features beautiful Nidhi Verma in a lead role and the popular Bollywood face Abhilash Kumar as the actor opposite her. The song has been directed by experienced director Sajid Shahid who has played an important role in how the song has turned out.

Bollyframe music has evolved as a popular music company in a short span and they constantly work hard to bring new talents to the forefront. Their efforts are not limited to the music space and they soon plan to venture into short films, web series, and other entertainment options.

Rooh is expected to break all records after it launches today. The director Sajid Shahid talked to us about the song and their journey and said that it was awesome working on the song. He has witnessed the passion that Abhijeet Singh has invested into it and is confident that the audience will love this blend of mesmerizing voice, spectacular faces, beautiful location, and brilliant direction.

The success of Bollyframe music is a dream come true for Abhijeet, but he says that Rooh is the most special for him. This is because this song is his singing debut. Abhijeet says that the song is a tribute to his mother, and he has put his heart and soul into it. The song flows beautifully and is a depiction of love at first sight. Abhijeet says that the audience is sure to love the chemistry that unfolds as the song progresses. He looks back at the time when he used to perform alongside his father on stage and gets all teary-eyed. He doesn’t regret his journey, but values the struggles that he has been through to reach this juncture in life.

The founders of Bollyframe music say that the company is not just business for them, but their contribution to the world of music. They promise to come up with gems that will enrich the Indian music industry. They aim to offer an opportunity to artists who stay hidden due to lack of exposure and means. The company has set bases in London and Singapore and plans to increase the scale of its efforts.

We wish them luck and hope Rooh breaks records and Bollyframe reaches great heights.