Rainiga Foundation is looking for District Manager, who should serve the society without any selfishness, know the full news

March 15: Rainiga Foundation is such a medium and institution, where people are stationed 24 hours a day for the benefit and service of the society. Let us tell you that the membership fee of Rainiga is only 500 rupees, and any person who wants to do something good for the society and want to help the needy people, he can join them.

Rainiga Foundation urgently needs a District Manager for all District Headquarters who should serve the society without any discrimination. And at the same time they should have a good hold in the society.

However, along with this, Rainiga organizes every year 1008 marriages of sisters and daughters of economically weaker families. And they also work to provide necessary funds for the economically weaker children. Schools have also been set up by the Rainiga Foundation, in which about 1000 children are studying free of cost, and many hospitals which help people by providing free treatment. However, in today’s time only this is not enough, that is why now the foundation has announced new plans with the new year. Under these announcements, these 10,000 children will be given free education and related necessities like books, clothes and stationery. And people will also be given the means of direct business, such as grocery stores, digital business centers will be made available.

In today’s time, a disease called DMD – Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is spreading which is happening in children of 3 to 5 years, there is no cure for it yet. Through the foundation, we are helping children infected with DMD get treatment. We request you to join us in this campaign. Sign up your details now – https://ranigafoundation.com/ . Let us tell you that Mr P. S Shukla, the founder of Rainiga, uses many percent of his profits to bring change in the society. From the help of senior citizens to the education of girls, this company, which is ready for all kinds of help, has changed the lives of many people in today’s time. There is also a form available on the website by the name of Need Help, where any person can appeal for help. Thereafter, the Foundation will be able to help them, although they will scrutinize every appeal closely.