Cognigix Expands With the Merger of Custom E-Learning Business of Skilldom

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At the merger occasion, Mr. Ajit Singh – COO, Cognigix, Mr. Praveen Rodrigues – Co-founder of Skilldom, Mr. Ajay Kumar – Founder and CEO, Cognigix and Mr. Ebrahim Mookhtiar – Co-founder of Skilldom were present.

Mumbai, March 17: Cognigix is a service provider of custom/bespoke digital learning solutions through a unique blend of learning design, technology and visual communication. Recently, Cognigix announced that, Skilldom a company with 15+ years of experience in the eLearning industry has merged its Custom eLearning Services vertical with that of Cognigix.

Both companies are key players in the custom digital content development and learning transformation space. This business merger is the first step towards Cognigix’s strategic vision to provide a comprehensive set of custom, innovative learning solutions to its clients and expand its footprints in international geographies. Skilldom brings to Cognigix, its unique approach of outcome-driven learning strategies and technological innovation in content.

This merger of business will enable Cognigix to leverage the industry experience of Skilldom and would aid Cognigix to create substantial opportunities and deepen the company’s market reach in the custom eLearning space. It will also augment its innovation initiatives in the areas of new product development that Cognigix is undertaking as a comprehensive solution provider for its clients globally.

Founder and CEO Ajay Kumar said, “Cognigix is thrilled to have Skilldom, which brings immense strategic value to us in the form of global outreach and service expansion opportunities. We always have a customer and employee-centric approach and in order to align more strategically, we were looking for avenues where our synergies would match and bring in higher value to our clients. With additional talent pool, digital assets, experience and skills that Skilldom brings, we are excited to expand into new markets and create exceptional learning experiences for industries across geographies.”

Testament to the quality of their work, Skilldom has received multiple awards for learning content services. The company brings decades of experience in learning content development, cross-industry knowledge and learning technologies.

“We very successfully ran custom eLearning business for over a decade and a half and then decided to exit it to pursue off-the-shelf business and product strategy going forward. We are excited about this development as the vision, strategic direction and core values of Cognigix are so very well aligned with that of Skilldom. We are certain our clients will now be served with the same passion and professionalism by the Cognigix team. We believe this merger will help Cognigix accelerate its growth and truly create an impact in the learning industry”, said Ebrahim Mookhtiar the co-founder of Skilldom.

Cognigix is a global eLearning company, with its offices in India and the US. It provides customized eLearning solutions, learning as a service (LaaS), learning design consultancy, and in-house developed learning delivery apps and Learning Management System. Cognigix is one of the fastest-growing organizations in the eLearning industry. Its core mission is to be a global leader in providing eLearning solutions and content digitization services. Since its inception in 2018, Cognigix has provided end-to-end design and development services and delivered cutting-edge eLearning solutions to its clients.

Skilldom is an award-winning provider of end-to-end learning solutions company. The company was founded in 2005 and since then it is working towards empowering the global learning community by using outcome-driven learning strategies and technology innovations. As one of the leading learning solution companies in India, served 300+ clients, developed 10,000+ hours of eLearning content and touched over one million users.