Indimasi – The Healing Village, Enchanting the World towards Indian Culture

March 26: Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine from India and is gaining International acclaim more than ever in the present era. Indimasi – The Healing Village is a pioneer in creating awareness of Ayurveda and Siddha Veda.

Kerala in India is called ‘God’s own country’. The name becomes meaningful as the civilization and culture still embrace the ancient wisdom of the orient in its purest form. The land where Zero was invented, in which Ayurveda & Yoga blossomed and ancient masters from Aryabhata to Shankaracharya to Sri Narayana Guru lived, has a great legacy contributing heavily to Indian culture or ‘Bharatha Sanskrithi’. Indimasi – The Healing village encapsulates the best of Arsha Bharathiya Sanskrithi by reviving ancient wisdom and blending it with modern science.

Comprehensive synthesis of Yoga, Kalari, Siddhaveda, Integrated System of Medicine, Cancer care, Naturopathy, Psychotherapy, Post Natal Care, Stress Management, Infertility treatment, Detoxification and Meditation are the USP of Indimasi. Led by the charismatic Guru Yogi Shivan who is hailed as the ‘Practical Yogi’ by his followers from around the world including India, Middle East and Europe.

Indimasi is attracting westerners and foreigners who are keen to explore Yoga, Ayurveda and ancient Indian wisdom. It is a calm abode which aims for a balanced natural life which is ailment free. The modern man whose mind is always anxious and who suffers from toxic stress can discover the healing touch for the soul, mind and body complex. The coinage Indimasi has its etymology in “Indi” from India and “Asi” from the Mahavakya in Upanishad “Tat tvam Asi (Thou Art That)”. It is meant to be similar to the sound of having ‘intimacy’ with oneself.

Speaking to a group of western enthusiasts of Indian tradition in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Guru Yogi Shivan articulated – “ Indimasi is a replica of villages which existed in ancient India – Bharat. Bharat was a combination of self-sustaining villages. These villages were like a joint family who stayed together, worked together and prospered together. In these villages it was mandatory to have a dairy farm, agricultural fields, a pond, amphitheatre, Kalari, traditional hospital and temple along with a meditation centre.”

Indimasi urges introspection to the Modern society which is plagued by mental and physical ailments such as irrational fears, unnecessary anxieties, lack of mutual trust and toxic stress. The Gurus or Masters in Indimasi inspire the people to look within for solutions and point out that the cause of misery is the indulgent lifestyle and entanglement in the world of sensual pleasures and material benefits. The systematic approach of this Ashram / Healing village is to ignite the fire of self-enquiry in our innermost core where consciousness is manifesting. Unlike some traditional schools of Indian philosophy, Indimasi never rejects materialism completely. It exhorts people to combine spiritualism and materialism as the two sides of the same coin of human life.

The ‘darshana’ or philosophy of Indimasi is one of embracing life in its various forms. It teaches the philosophy of inclusion and acceptance of all the dimensions of life. Indimasi represents the ‘spiritual lineage’ of the Sages and Gurus starts from sage Agastya Muni who is one among the most revered of Sapth Rishis (seven sages) of ancient Bharat.  The Maha Rishi has pioneered Siddha, Kalari and Silambam in the ancient world which inspired an entire heritage which spread across through Asia.

The great lineage of the ‘sampradaya & parampara’ followed through various sages and gurus across millennia and was re articulated centuries ago by Guru Kombai Siddhar followed by Sri Swayam Poorna Swami and Shiva Jyothi Dharmananda. This unique legacy is now heralded by Guru Yogi Shivan. He is one of the pioneers in the present era who brought the synthesis of Siddha, Yoga and Ayurveda to the modern world.

Indimasi is a regular stop over for global enthusiasts of Yoga & Ayurveda and Yogi Shivan a much sought out speaker in national and international circuits regarding health and wellness. Various experts from the health care and wellness domains have sought  help for pursuing their research from this renowned Guru.

A good part of the revenue that is earned is spent for social work uplifting and upgrading the life of the under privileged sections of society. The modern man who has lost himself / herself in a rat race has lost the ‘mojo’ of harmonious life.  Indimasi which radiates the essence of India is a good space to rediscover it.