Alembic Real Estate gives Vadodara its first 22nd Floor Building

(L to R) Mr. Avneesh Nath Sharma, President & Mr. Udit Amin, Director, Alembic Real Estate

March 29: Typically, the Vadodara real estate market has been associated with bungalows, villas, and duplexes. However, the low-rise landscape of the city is fast changing. There has been an increasing preference for high-rise living with all its associated conveniences and amenities in the last few years. Expansive views, excellent natural ventilation and sunlight, easier maintenance, lower utility costs, and enhanced security are just some advantages.

Alembic Veda is just not the first 22 storied building of Vadodara, but the building has some exclusive environment-friendly features, reducing carbon and making the building a green building.

Alembic Group is always committed to Environment, be it planting and nurturing 10k plus trees in its various establishments. Taking the legacy ahead, we at Alembic Real Estate’s VEDA II have constructed a dual plumbing system, where the first system is for Corporation water supply while the second system will supply treated water which is treated, purified and valuable in day to day activities like flushing toilets and other daily chores. The treated water is also used to maintain lush green surroundings in the apartment premises.

The entire project has a rainwater harvesting system, which helps store the rainwater and maintain water levels of the premises. At Veda II, solar infrastructure is installed for the electrification of street lights inside the premises. We have used Fly Ash in construction, thus contributing to the conservation of the environment.

Alembic Real Estate has kept abreast of the new trends, with the launch of 22 stored projects. VEDA II was launched in 2019, and KIARA was launched in July 2021. Artistically designed residences that ensure peace, privacy, and spaciousness, both are exclusive multi-story projects with mesmerising views of the skyline of Vadodara.

Veda II is now the tallest building to grace the city skyline. With the completion of construction on the 22nd slab, Veda II – one of the premium residential towers in the delightful environs of Chhani – is now the tallest building in Vadodara. This critical milestone makes Alembic Real Estate the forerunner of high-rise living in Vadodara.

The total No. of Flats are 367 plus 1 refuge flat for emergency escape. We have a proper Fire Hydrant system, with a Hydrant riser, landing valve, Hose box & Hose reel at each tower on each floor area. We also have a Sprinkler system on the Stilt floor for car parking at each building and, most notably, in each flat. Apart from these, there is a DG backup system for Lifts, Staircase lights, Tower Common/lift lobby area lights, External/landscape area lights, pump room lights, Foyer lights, Fire Pump, Domestic pumps, Security cabin, Club House, Sewage Treatment Plant & lights.

Since 1907, the Alembic Group has unflinchingly pursued a singular goal ‘To enhance the quality of life through high-quality products and services. This is evident in every product manufactured by Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd., our flagship company, and our diversified business portfolio, including healthcare, glassware, engineering, and chemicals. Alembic Real Estate is building upon this heritage of excellence, trust and professionalism.

At Alembic Real Estate, we understand the challenges of modern society and develop projects that address these issues. Thus to balance a chaotic lifestyle and rapidly degrading environment, we design and build elegant, tranquil and inspiring spaces for people to live, work and play.

Alembic Real Estate was started in 2009. In the last decade, we have been continuously committed to creating unique living spaces for the modern age, having completed and handed over projects of over 30,50,000 square feet. With a dedicated commitment to on-time delivery and the consistent excellence of construction quality, Alembic is now a trusted name in the real estate market, with over 1,800 satisfied customers.

Future Developments

A growing trend in the residential real estate market is integrated living, where all the needs of daily life are met without having to commute long distances. Communities where residents can live among people with similar values and lifestyles. Where natural surroundings merge seamlessly with living and working spaces.

The communities of the future are sustainable and inherently energy efficient. Alembic Real Estate is actively involved in creating spaces of hyperlocal living, where all life’s necessities are within easy reach. Not only reducing the carbon footprint but allowing residents the luxury of time. We have also started giving Car charging points for electric vehicles.