The Team of Acadza Talks about Using Modern Technology in the EdTech Venture and More in an Insightful Interview

The company provides JEE/NEET aspirants with live coaching and automated tools to help them with their preparations

 March 30: Acadza, a promising EdTech startup, provides JEE/NEET aspirants with end-to-end coaching and multiple digital tools to help them prepare for the prestigious examinations. Founded by Anshul Singhal, the company aims at using technologies like AI and machine learning to leverage the learning experience of the students. Given the nickname of Dost, different digital tools built by the EdTech venture cater to the different aspects of preparing for examinations.

In a recent interview, a few members of the Acadza team answered questions about the use of technology in building the platform, the benefits offered to the students, and what makes Acadza stand out from the clutter. The panel answering the interview questions comprised Mr Alok Kumar, the CTO of the company and two of the teachers associated with the venture – Mr Madhukar Sharma and Mr Vikas Kumar.

Here are some of the questions answered by the team of Acadza:

How is Acadza solving the issues faced by students, educators, and institutes as an EdTech venture?

 As an EdTech venture, Acadza helps students prepare for the highly sought-after JEE/NEET examinations with the help of a centralized digital platform. It prevents students from referring to multiple resources and reaching out to their teachers through multiple platforms. The Prime Course offered by us covers boards as well as JEE/NEET examinations.

Acadza focuses on providing students and educators with a 360-degree view of the courses covered and the progress made by every user. The EdTech venture is designed to streamline the courses taught and lessons revised by students on a single unified platform.

Can you explain the concept of hand-holding students with Acadza?

Hand-holding of students refers to providing every student with personalized assistance that goes beyond live coaching. Acadza stays with the students throughout their journeys of preparing for JEE/NEET, helping them identify their issues and resolve them in the best way possible.

Hand-holding of students makes Acadza a complete package in itself as it combines live caching with digital tools for practising the concepts taught by the mentors who will help the students throughout their journey towards success.

How does Acadza help students keep track of their backlogs?

Acadza helps students keep track of their backlogs and clear them with the help of the Backlog Remover Dost. This tool helps students catch up with the chapters they missed out on and get on the same page with everyone else. All a user needs to do is select a specific chapter they need to study and the tool will ask different questions regarding the time they can allot for the concerned chapter, the preferred mode of learning (theory/videos), and more. Based on the answers provided by the students, the tool prepares a personalized plan to help them remove their backlog.

How does Acadza help students reinforce their strengths and deal with their weaknesses?

During JEE and NEET preparation, students undergo a good deal of hardships and anxiety. It’s a journey of 2+ years where students develop certain strengths and weaknesses. Acadza helps and guides the students to leverage their strengths in terms of strategic skills and topics of interest. The platform ensures that the students are able to give their best performance. Every student benefits under the guidance of our expert faculty team that comprises mentors who have given single-digit and double-digit AIRs in IIT JEE and NEET, 4500+ video lectures, live classes, and an unlimited bank of assignments.

Acadza also helps students deal with their weaknesses in terms of getting clarification on lesser-known topics, clearing the backlog, reducing exam stress, etc. This can be a huge hurdle in the journey of a student and can adversely affect their IIT JEE or NEET rank. Acadza allows students to watch motivational and strategy-building videos created by our skilled educators to motivate them when they are down and out.

What was the core intention behind setting up a venture like Acadza?

The education system in the country is very intense and competitive. While this is good for the productivity of students to some extent, it may become overwhelming in no time. When it comes to competitive examinations like JEE and NEET, aspirants often have a hard time balancing the live coaching provided to them and the revision that needs to be done at home. The last thing a student would want is to find themselves trapped in piles of notes, backlogs, and the courses to be covered on time.

Acadza is founded to streamline the manner in which students prepare for competitive examinations like JEE and NEET. Our vision is to minimize the burden on the shoulders of the students and guide them every step of the way, during their live coaching sessions and as they revise at home.

How do you make sure that Acadza facilitates imparting quality education?

All our courses, modules, tests, and sessions are handpicked and designed by some of the best professors and education experts working in the sector. The teachers associated with us possess years of experience and have been successful in producing rank-holding students across the board. Teachers like Professor Ritu Agarwal and Vikash Singh have been instrumental making education wholesome for the students associated with us.

Such expertise of teachers, combined with seamless EdTech support allows Acadza to impart quality education to the users. At the end of the day, no one understands a student better than a teacher!