Kashika Kapoor Is the Next Big Thing in Bollywood

Mumbai, April 2: Kashika Kapoor young & very talented 20 years old to take away the cream in her upcoming projects in one of which Pratik Sehajpal will be seen to. Reportedly she’s been rejecting a lot of projects lately & is very choosy with the content being – good quality & decent ones only. Lovely! The very talented girl took away the cream in dil pe zakhm as well and everyone in the industry is now behind signing her, finally the industry gets a non star kid & fresh face that’s so talented.

Kashika Kapoor has lately been working on several projects at the same time. The actor has been very low-key & has been working all day & night. Which can be seen through her being off social media too? She’s a very talented & hardworking actress. She recently worked with the team of Mudassar khan for t series & Aslam khan for zee music also. They both mentioned of how she’s super talented & hardworking ,not just that but we’ve also got insiders that Kashika Kapoor has rehearsed for hours & hours by herself even after her rehearsals & she’s a quick learner & has killed it with her performance they said. Not just that but she was injured a day prior to her shoots but said she’ll still give in her 100% and she did, we can’t wait to see her upcoming performances. She has back to back releases at the same time & we cannot wait to see her kill it with her acting & dancing skills. Kashika Kapoor is one of those very few girls who’s known in the industry and is getting established for her acting along with her beautiful looks & her hardwork.

She is coming up with back to back 4 bangers not just that but insiders tell us that kashika has acted brilliantly in front of her co stars & has really overshadowed them all,what is this mystery behind it since she’s a natural & versatile actor. What’s cooking exactly ? Kashika Kapoor also gets approached for a reality show opposite Mika but rejects it as she doesn’t find it interesting, Kashika also rejected the movie kabzaa as she felt Upendra was way too older in front of her, this girl is really doing wonders. She started her career at just the age of 16. & today she’s making a great name. Not just that but Kashika always takes her dad with her on shoots & for meetings too ,she believes in working with dignity & her dad or her mom is always protecting her wherever she goes. She has rejected plenty of projects this girl is bollywood & Tollywood & even Hollywood’s next big thing.

Kashika Kapoor is also coming in a new project which is a Hollywood one which will be released by the end of April / May beginning, she’s the main lead in it & it’s completely based on Kashika Kapoor. We are really excited! This year is hers!