Diwakar Immigration partners with Marvel Educators & Immigration to offer career counseling

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Mr. Diwakar Sharma, Founder of Diwakar Immigration Services

April 6: University & College education from Canada, US, UK, NZ, Australia and other European countries provides industry-specific skill sets to international students. Diwakar Immigration Services Inc & its partner organization Marvel  Educators & Immigration Consultants Private Limited team have geared up to provide case-specific career and academic counselling. Mr. Diwakar Sharma has over 20 years of experience in managing and developing international student recruitment channels for schools, colleges and universities. With his experience and extensive travel overseas, he has developed a system of providing individualized career and academic counselling systems in both the companies, Diwakar Immigration Services Incorporated (Canada) & Marvel Educators and Immigration Consultants Private Limited (India).

Diwakar says “Students should confirm the offer of acceptance after thoroughly aligning self-goals with institutional culture. Students must choose universities/ colleges not because of location or ranking (most are staged), but for programs that ensure career advancement.”

The entire team understands the importance of taking the right step forward and ensuring the right selection of program and country for their clients. Sharma stresses further that the majority of international students are self -funded and families of these international students bear the entire expense.

They look at every student profile in its uniqueness and provide them viable options that lead them towards a successful journey in the chosen land. Sometimes students and families have no clue about the education level, services provided by universities and colleges. College education is popular in certain parts of the world and in certain provinces, whereas some parents seek information about the credentials offered by the community colleges. The team members make sure that their clients receive honest and truthful information.

Diwakar Sharma, as a Canada-based, Indo-Canadian, International Education and Immigration Expert stresses the importance of providing truthful guidance and keeping information channels open.  The company’s focus is to provide a tailor made solution to their clients and help them transition from a study permit holder to a worker and if possible secure permanent residency. International recruitment experts often make promises and oversell an institution as higher recruitment is measured as the successful performance of that particular employee. Parents and students must do due diligence in understanding the work culture of the university before accepting the offer and paying the tuition fees. The team at Diwakar Immigration Services and Marvel Educators & Immigration Consultants (MEIC) provide balanced and factual information. Not every student is successful in securing a co-op as often promised by institutions, volunteering often is required for entry into the job market.

During their pre-departure training Diwakar provides students with tips for overcoming homesickness, the staff is directed to maintain regular touch with the students and families all through the academic journey.  Sharma says “it is highly recommended that students volunteer and take any job to develop their skill set before moving overseas”. International students have to research the institutions. If they don’t see someone like them working for the institution in the positions that matter, it is better to choose an institution, no matter how small, for self-growth and benefit in both the long and short term.

International students should consider studying overseas for the following reasons:

  •    Brush up on your language skills -taking an extra language class when you’re out there can be a great way to meet new people.
  •    Living in a foreign country is different from a holiday – Long-term study helps gain local insights.
  •    Foreign education will look good on your Resume: Employers appreciate candidates with higher education and work experience overseas.
  •    Meet a diverse range of people – Your understanding of different cultures will make you more likeable.
  •    Make lifelong connections – Higher chances of making at least one life-long friend.
  •    Gain a global mindset: Whether it’s in work or study, you’ll be able to use a new global mindset to counter opinions and present arguments.

For career counselling and an unbiased review of your academic profile, reach out to Diwakar Sharma (International Student Recruitment Expert, Former Regional Manager International Recruitment & Partnerships at Wilfrid Laurier University, ON, Canada) & a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant). Author of seven books and various papers, currently working on a new script. Diwakar Sharma is the Founder, Director of Diwakar Immigration Services Inc and CEO of Marvel Educators & Immigration Consultants Private Limited: Email: diwakar@meic.io or dsharma@rushtocanada.ca.


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