Author, Abhijit Chaki’s Tribin and the Battle Axe leaves you Wanting More

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April 7: Partnering with Clever Fox Publishing, Abhijit Chaki recently released his debut book ‘Tribin and the Battle Axe.’ The book name is intriguing and the tagline even more so.  The Unstoppable Just Met the Immovable. It is a captivating narrative about two quirky individuals fated to meet and complete each other’s story in life. Highly temperamental and polar opposites, things are not going to end well. But something special is waiting to happen.

The writer, Abhijit Chaki has the gift of imagination and confident language and combines both to weave a lucid and beautiful story that readers will enjoy. The story is about Sayali Deodhar, a lonely, self-destructive badminton player whose dream is to win a medal at the Olympics. Tribin, a burnt out writer, accidentally runs into Sayali in the hills of Thekkady. They have nothing in common. He is fascinated by her. She is supremely indifferent to him. What are the odds anything can go right when chalk meets cheese? Tribin takes it upon himself to be her angel of mercy. He wants to help her at any cost and change the story of her life. She wants to avoid him at any cost. Tribin will not be resisted. Sayali will not be moved. So, what happens when the irresistible meets the immovable? Readers will have to read this book to find out because they just did.

The Universe smiles, and serendipity sets off a rollercoaster ride of events that will end at the Summer Olympics at Rio. Sporting honor for the country is at stake in the biggest games on the planet. Will India keep its tryst with destiny? Will Tribin and Sayali?

Talking about his book, the author Abhijit Chaki says, ‘I have written plenty of short stories ever since I was in college but the dream has always been to get a novel published. People say everyone has one book inside them. But boy, getting that book out takes a ton of persistence and discipline, both of which I have in short supply. Also, something called life happened…but here we are finally, on the other side of a published book.

I have kept the language simple and easy to read. The story itself is something that has not been done before, sports-drama-meets-romantic-fiction. Since sports plays an instrumental part in the story, there was a prodigious amount of research involved besides endless revisions. Now that it’s hit the light of day, I would love for people to read it and give me their reactions. I am a sucker for a good old fashioned love story and that’s just what my novel is. Here is hoping my tribe of romantics out there discover my book. I am currently working on my second book. I am still in phase one where I am appealing to my sense of persistence and discipline to help me do this one more time. Watch this space.

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