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Ms. Pooja Saluja, Founder of Countrywide Visas

April 8: Ms. Pooja Saluja Founder of Countrywide Visas briefs on the company’s mission and vision along with how Countrywide Visas handles an application’s processing.

Vision and Mission of Countrywide Visas:

An MBA in International Business and TheYoung Entrepreneur, Founder of Countrywide Visas, Ms Pooja Saluja stated that the most important mission of Countrywide Visas is to provide flawless immigration services with utmost honesty and transparency.

The vision of Countrywide Visas is to make every dream of settling abroad possible, without any struggle. Countrywide Visas follows professional values and ethics to make sure, a client is served with best of our services.

People at Countrywide Visas know and understand that a permanent residency visa is a dream of most people; hence we remarkably deal with all the complicated situations that come into existence and bring good news to our clients sooner than they expect.

Immigration to any country is a complex procedure, where a number of documents assessment, verification, and submission take place. The laws, rules, & regulations are far more complicated, many a times there are timelines that needs to be respected and applications must be submitted within the deadlines, hence, everything about Immigration to Canada or Australia is not a cake walk.

The founder, Ms. Pooja Saluja understands that the aspirants who wish to migrate to Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Germany, or any other foreign land, whether it is to travel, study, work or tostart up a business, they lack the most with their time. Therefore, Countrywide Visas follow a step-wise process to ensure that the deadlines are met and the process to obtain a visa is smooth and easy.

The Team of Operations at Countrywide Visas holds an extensive knowledge and expertise in filling all the visa categories and follows a faster path to gain desired outcomes, till now, Countrywide Visa’s best performance is to get a permanent visa stamped within 4 months.

How Countywide Visas Process An Application For Immigration:

  • Countrywide Visas accepts and diagrams only eligible profiles, assessed by our Immigration Expert and Licensed Consultants.
  • Countrywide Visas’ initial process begins with a crucial and distinct evaluation, wherein only registered profiles move ahead for complete assessment on the ground of age, educational credentials of primary applicant as well as common-law partner (if married), work experiences, and other important parameters.
  • Countrywide Visas define their services by handling profiles manually, with all deliverables electronically accounted for.
  • Their team of professional counsellors across the globe, documentation & processing teams at the global centre in Delhi, and well-experienced chief consultants at CP and Gurgaon, grant a wide window to represent each profile in the segmental arena. Hence, Countrywide Visas have always been distinct in declaring profile eligibility and shoring to success panorama.

 Key Points to Keep In Mind When You Are Ready To Apply:

  • Arrangement of all the personal and professional documents to complete an education credential assessment.
  • Planning for IELTS and timely obtaining the required score.
  • Exploring the options by checking the eligibility for available programs according to the point system.
  • Remain updated on Immigration & Visa rules, processes along with their relevant fees.

A permanent resident is someone who has been given a permanent resident status to live in the country for a specified duration but is not a citizen of the Country.

Rights of a Permanent Resident in Canada:

  • One can live, work or study anywhere in Canada
  • One can apply for citizenship after staying for 1,095 days within five (5) years in Canada.
  • Get most of the social and health care benefits that Canadian citizen receive.
  • Be protected under the Canadian Laws,“Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”.


  • A permanent resident is not allowed to vote or run for political office and holds some jobs that need high-level security permission.

Advantages of Having a Permanent Resident Status in Canada or Australia:

  1. A 5 year’s multiple entries visa.
  2. Live, work or study anywhere in Canada.
  3. A “family status” under which both applicants (spouse) can work full time.
  4. Free education for children, health, and social provisions for the entire family.
  5. Opportunity to invite parents’ post-settlement.
  6. Road to Canadian Citizenship.
  7. Canada is an immigrant-friendly country with zero discrimination against immigrants.
  8. The government promised to provide equal rights, opportunities, and legal support to foreign immigrants similar to the citizens.
  9. Subsidized education, medical benefits for the entire family makes the country extremely favourable for raising kids.

The cooperation from the candidate and experienced professionals makes it easier for the company to provide an easy and quick permanent residency visa. So, your search for an immigration and visa agency ends with them. Reach them now and they will make sure that they help you acquire a permanent residency visa for your choice of country in the quickest time. They wish to provide easy visa service and maintain fruitful relationships with their clients so that they serve their mission of being the preferred choice for immigration and visa requirements.

Countrywide Visas holds a proven record in the field of immigration consulting, if you are preparing and planning to apply for a permanent resident visa or require assistance on alternative visa categories you may visit their official website, email them at or call at 7303889347 for a free informative session.

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