Bayya Sunny Yadav, a Moto vlogger from Telangana with 2 records in the India Book of Records and 8 World Records!

April 14: Meet Bayya Sunny Yadav a Moto vlogger and a native of Nuthankal Suryapet District of Telangana State. He was bought up in a middle-class family and while the family-his father has a pharmacy store in Nuthankal, his mother is a housewife.

Being a middle-class child, he faced many challenges, from being a very average student; he has seen many adversities since childhood. But like many other kids, he had a passion for motorcycles from the age of 13. He started driving his father’s motorcycle in an empty playground and when he turned 18 years, he took a driving license and bought a second hand Yamaha RX 100. After using the bike for 2 years, he bought a brand new KTM RC 200 motorbike in 2016 and was quite expensive looking into his family’s financial conditions- but his parents bowed to his wishes and bought the motorbike.

Bayya Sunny Yadav also finds a mention in the India Book of Records and also has eight World Records in his name. He has got 2 India Book of Records and 8 World Records. Fastest on a bike between two cities Hyderabad to Lucknow covering a whooping 1348 km in 15:47:00 hours.

He also has the accolades of being the 1st Telugu Moto vlogger to complete 1 million subscribers. He also got 8 world records that include Hyderabad to Nagpur (500 km in 5 hours), Hyderabad to Rewa, MP (1000 km in 10:22:00 hours), Hyderabad to Lucknow (1348 km in 15:47:00 hours), and completed the Kashmir to Kanyakumari, JK, in 9 days!

Bayya Sunny Yadav also became the 1st south Indian biker to travel from Hyderabad to Nadabet, Gujarat on a bike, 1st Indian biker to travel from India to Bangladesh on the bike, and 1st Indian biker to complete Hyderabad to Kanyakumari 1270 km ride in 15:32:00 hours.