Clapper offers Bollywood audience an opportunity to earn money & prove their Fandom

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April 14: Spend money to watch films or watch films to earn money? This question has been the major inspiration towards building Clapper. Today’s story is about how Clapper gave chance to the Bollywood audiences to earn money just by watching films.

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Clapper is a Mumbai based fan engagement platform for Bollywood fans. This app helps Bollywood audiences to earn real cash daily just by using their knowledge about films.

While watching DDLJ on its 24th anniversary at Maratha Mandir for the 11th times in 2019 the ideation came in the mind of one of the founders who is an avid Bollywood fan since childhood taking a lot of life inspirations from the Hindi movies and this is how Clapper became his brainchild. But nothing really took place until 2021 when he met his friend Dhaval Parmar who is a full stack developer and a tech savvy and casually shared his idea of Clapper and how it will change the game for the audience to watch movies and absorb content.

Every year around 300 films are released in Bollywood and 836 million Indians consume the content on TV. When calculated, it is proved that people spend a lot of money on watching movies or any sort of content. These expenses are in terms of movie tickets, OTT subscriptions and the monetary value of the time audiences spend on this. But these expenses are never recovered. Clapper gives the chance to not only recover the money and time spent on movies but also to monetize and gamify your knowledge. Watch a film, play games on Clapper based on the film and earn real cash which can be transferred to the bank account anytime. Now expenses on movies are investments which give you returns, and Clapper made it possible along with fun!

Something instantly hit Dhaval’s mind and after spending close to six months to build the product he released the beta version of Clapper in Jan 2022. After directly speaking with the target users, he understood the nerves of the audiences which helped him to modify and upgrade the versions.

Finally, the app took the pace and in March 2022 it acquired close to 6k new registrations on the app.

In April, within 10 days it got close to 8k new registrations on the app. And notably, 47% of the new registrations are coming from referrals. Right now, Clapper has around 15k users base, and it is expected to have 40k new registrations by the end of April. This turning point has boosted a lot of confidence in the founders’ mind. They updated the server and database too so that lacs of fans can concurrently play on Clapper.
“Within a very short span of time Clapper is getting its well-deserved popularity and players come every day to play games on Clapper. We see a long list of regular players who play every day; some of them play games till late at night and as early as 6 in the morning. They love Clapper and are completely hooked to it”, Dhaval says with a feeling of accomplishment.

When asked about Clapper, the co-founder says, “It feels great to see the real product of my ideation. Dhaval has a great tech mind and deep level of understanding at a very young age. He is driven by entrepreneurship and that is the thing which got us along when we first met in one of the start-up events at Mumbai. I was looking for a co-founder to start and he was working on an independent project. Post event he had walked up to me for a quick conversation, and we instantly connected. It feels great to see how he is handling all the technical things. He has a long way to go!!!”

As Dhaval said they are constantly working on some exciting products which will make watching films exciting and truly rewarding. More on this next month!

You can download the app from website
Don’t just watch films, Play it on Clapper.

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