EcoDhaga launches ThriftEx- an exclusive, personal shopping experience for thrift lovers in Bangalore

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The duo behind EcoDhaga

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], April 15: EcoDhaga, an online thrift store and social enterprise, has just launched a unique personal shopping experience for thrift lovers in Bangalore. ThriftEx is the first of its kind event in India. This April onwards, customers can pre-book a slot and try out clothes selected especially for them at the studio location in Koramangala. Available from Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm, ThriftEx has three slots available daily.

EcoDhaga, incubated at NSRCEL’s Women Startup Program at IIM Bangalore, wishes to introduce customers to slow fashion in India. ThriftEx provides people curious about thrifting with a physical space to explore the sustainable fashion option. It also gives affordable fashion lovers the perfect opportunity for some customised retail therapy. Additionally, people get a chance to interact with Team EcoDhaga team, get style advice, and talk about the sustainability mindset.

Thrifting is relatively niche in India, but it is more eco-friendly, less expensive, and is known to have more unique, eclectic styles than fast fashion. “India has always been a country of preservation. We’ve all grown up with hand-me-downs and stitched clothes. If anything, thrift is a natural progression, and since the lockdown, sustainable fashion has gained momentum.” said Sanjana Swaroop, EcoDhaga’s co-founder.

About EcoDhaga:

EcoDhaga’s online thrift store runs on donations from individuals around Bangalore. While the best clothes are listed on their website and sold during ThriftEx or online, clothes in wearable condition are donated to NGOs such as Angel Orphanage and Jeevitha Ashrama around Bangalore. EcoDhaga’s goal is to lengthen the lifecycle of clothes through thrifting, upcycling, and recycling clothes, and help keep them out of landfills. Their vision is to help India embrace slow fashion.

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