Meta Bunny Legends (MBL) NFT and Meta Bunny Verse the Division of the world’s Fastest Growing Mether Community

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April 16: Meta Bunny represents a collection of 10000 legends categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements. A private collection of 10000 unique 3D modeled and rendered to very high standard pieces collected on the Cardano Blockchain. The NFTs represent ownership of unique digital art, visualized as cat-based characters containing various random traits.

We are very excited to announce that our NFT Collection (MetaBunnyLegends – MBL) is done selling 3333+ in the presale event of Whitelisting on  . With such an increase in demand, we would like you to quickly book your seats to buy MBL before the market soars. It might vanish as it comes in the market and below is the logic behind our concept that is attracting millions.

Why Meta Bunny legends?

NFTs fundamentally change how people can collect and trade art. We strongly believe that it’s here to stay. Everyone can build up a digital collection and share it with others. MetaBunnylegends leverages this experience with the use of the Cardano multi-asset ledger.

Meta Bunny Legends NFT Collections

Meta Bunny holders will be able to reap the benefits of holding onto a bear. Strategic marketing if it is deemed to boost the value of the MBL. Meta Bunny will be available for the public to mint starting April 15th

MetaBunny 10000+

Linear distribution

Full ownership rights to your NFT asset

Exclusive airdrops throughout your journey

The roadmap to success

A transition from the Metaverse to the real world will make MetaBunny a more suitable NFT for long-term holders. In a bid to propel and maintain a thriving community. Our road map shares an exciting journey through that process.

PHASE:1 JAN 2022

       NFT Drop calendar listings

       Plan Advertising & Giveaways

       Partnership & Collaborations

       3D Artiest (Maya and Max)

       Design 3D Bunny Concept

PHASE 2: FEB 2022

       Web Design and Development

       Bunny Conception with trait building

       Twitter, Discord, and Website Launching

       Marketing campaigns to reach out to people


       Launching Date announcement

       Marketplace Listing – JPG.Store (Cardanoblockchain)

       Create Policy ID & Policy ID verification

       Prepare for Pre-Sale / Public Mint

       Minting First Collection


       Trade royalty will be distributed to holders

       Release the rarity charts

       Listing on Secondary Market Places

       Charity & Holders Rewards

       We want this stage to be community-led


       Into The MetaBunnuyVerse

       Game Designs and Development

       P2P Game, Date TA in Dec 2022




Meta Bunny Legends is one of the best NFTs to invest in right now if you’re after long-term appreciation. Non fungible tokens are making a huge comeback. Here are some of the best NFT investments for 2022 and beyond, what makes the Doodles NFT project different from other collections is that token holders have a say in how the community moves forward.

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