Khubii, An Extraordinary Talent Portal Helping Real Artists Spread Their Wings

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April 21: Khubii, an India-based rising talent portal is helping artists not only in India but extraordinary talents from all over the globe. By bridging the connection gaps between them and the opportunities ahead.

During the ever-escalating coronavirus pandemic conditions and the onset of lockdowns, a lot of people discovered unanticipated talents and abilities. While many of these talented souls got hired as freelancers, there were others with almost meagre or no work opportunities. Leading to the emergence of nationwide and worldwide rescue platforms like Khubii.

Khubii is an online website, a talent portal, that offers individuals with artistic abilities a platform to unleash their “Khubii” or “Talent” by sharing their digital portfolio in order to connect with global-scale opportunities. From connecting with talented individuals to offering needful support to them in the form of work opportunities, Khubii as a global destination holds true to the words, “Spot Thy Light”.

“Khubii travelled to the Middle East this year and achieved great momentum in every field. Be it celebrity painters, fashion houses, or illustrators, artists from all walks of life have joined the platform in hope for a future that is truly phenomenal”, shared founders of Khubii, Shrestha Ganguly, Fagun G, Jyoti Kalra Gandhi, and Krishan Gandhi in an interview with us.

This platform caters to the appealing tastes of the global audience by helping them simply log in to hire incredible talent. As the online portal consists of thousands of genuine digitized portfolios of deserving candidates waiting to inspire and perspire through their artistic abilities. Artists with some real and flaunt-worthy skills should head to their official website to conquer the opportunities lying in front of them.

Khubii holds place for any form of art that exists worldwide. Whether it’s Arabian musicians singing sweet melodies or Indian actors showcasing some entertaining acting skills, there is a significant place for everyone and anything relevant to art and talent here. Helping a good number of people encash their living through unleashing it all out for the greater good.

This new-generation talent portal has been successful in connecting most of its rising talents with numerous opportunities. Such as getting them hired in currently filming upcoming short films, especially in the North East. Thus, nurturing talent and paving way for inevitable success in the coming days and years to come.

Since the inception of the platform in December 2021, Khubii has received a storming response from all aspiring talents that have always dreamed to make a living out of their artistic abilities. Breaking stereotypes that should have never ever existed. With even the founders promising they have a lot more in store for them all in the near future.

From the UK to Jordan and Brazil to Europe, this online talent portal is helping rising artists with the real potential spread their wings. Their soon-to-be-launched marketplace is also all set for individuals and brands looking forward to showcasing themselves as well as their products and designs.

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