Aanchal Gupta left her family business for chasing her passion, dance

April 22: Aanchal Gupta, the founder of Arts in Motion Dance Studios and a curator of dance and fitness, says “Always chase your passion. It brings fulfilment in life, the money will follow.”

When Aanchal Gupta was asked about leaving her family business of iron and steel, she answered that Dance has always been her passion, that every time life kicked her down, she turned to dance, and she realised it’s she wanted to do for rest of life. Dance was her joy, her meditation.

Through classes at Arts in Motion, a huge community of dancers and teachers has & continues to be built. The students, inheriting the passion for dance, have grown to become teachers too. AIM has not only promoted the performing arts but also nurtured a massive community of dancers, dance companies and artists across the globe.

AIM is now building an online platform to grow this community beyond Bombay, to go National and also expand globally. AIM endeavours to integrate on one platform, performing artists across the world, for dance, music & theatre. Offering quality education to those looking to learn the arts.

A one stop solution to all things relating to education, performances and entertainment of dance, music and theatre.

Teachers are always looking for wider markets and students are looking for quality training. The platform will address the solutions and gaps in the market via different verticals and will be executed in a phased manner.

Aanchal Gupta claims passion for what you do, sheer hard work, determination and grit is ultimately the key to success.