Enjoy your next trip to Maldives, Dubai & Andaman with Olivel Tours’ new tour packages

New Delhi (India), April 25: Tour and Travel Company Olivel Tours has recently introduced their new tour packages for Maldives, Dubai and Andaman. They are offering packages at a low cost that include visits to local attractions and doing adventurous activities. The trip also includes dining in upscale hotels and sampling the specialties of Maldives, Dubai and the Andaman. They also provide unique honeymoon packages for newlyweds to each of these locations that cover all of the key tourist attractions hassle-free.

Olivel Tours has meticulously planned travel packages to most of India’s destinations and international destinations. They provide high-quality tour packages that offer thrilling options at an affordable cost, whether it’s a honeymoon trip, a family vacation or an outing with best friends. They also provide the possibility of customizing safe and flexible travel packages, which are popular among travelers and potential tourists from around the world and Indian residents.

Talking about the brand, Founder & CEO Sarath said, “I have always been passionate about traveling; my passion for exploring new destinations and cultures encouraged me to step into the traveling field. I thought what could be a better way to continue the joy that traveling offers than by owning my travel agency and that was when I founded Olivel Tours in 2017. Each member of our team is driven by the desire to travel and explore new destinations. Their destination knowledge is unrivaled. In this digital world, they are the few who can offer you authentic insights about different destinations and advise new ways to explore. Many of our team members possess great experience in the travel and tourism industry and have been with Olivel Tours from its startup stage. They can connect the clients with the best places to stay and share hidden gems, which are certain to make the trip a memorable one.”

He further added, “Through our newly launched packages to Maldives, Dubai and Andaman, we want people to enjoy every local sightseeing place along with exploring cultures. In the future, we envision striving hard to provide our clients with unforgettable travel experiences that exceed their expectations. With this objective, we aim to become the “The Most Trusted and Preferred Travel Agency in India.” I always believe that one doesn’t need a reason to travel. Take advantage of opportunities to travel, connect with people, explore different destinations and cultures and bring home a heart full of beautiful memories that will last forever.”

Based out of Chennai, Olivel Tours has been awarded as ”Best Travel Agent in 2020” for their excellent servicing and as a recognition for its remarkable activities aimed at enhancing tourism during the challenging times of COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, They (Olivel Tours) provide more than 150 foreign and 100 domestic locations that are both high-quality and affordable. They attempt to provide their consumers with the best price guaranteed program by bringing all B2B vendors together on one platform to provide their services to customers. They also offer clients emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They have specialized sections that provide a variety of services as well. Every department works autonomously to deliver the finest service possible to its consumers and establish long-term friendships. Olivel Tours is the best option for your next adventure if you seek a travel firm.