Aastha Ssidana debuts in the upcoming movie #RUNWAY34 With Ajay Devgan, Amitabh Bachan, Rakul Preet and more

April 28:

– How did you land up this role?

It was one of those stories where you are depressed during the lockdown, don’t know where life is headed, I used to lock myself in the room and paint for 7-8 hours a day at the time, used to get auditions sporadically but never sent any except for this one particular audition scene, which looked so small and easy to me cause of which i recorded a self-test within 10 mins, one take and done only to get a call a week later to know I got it. It gave me some purpose, something to look forward to in life.

It was through an anti casting agency.

– How was it working with Ajay Devgn as an actor and a director?

It was everything I DIDNT expect; he is so chill and gives a very Delhi vibe (I mean, it didn’t feel like I was talking/meeting him for the first time). His straight face humour kills me. As an actor, he’s electric like all of us know, but as a director, he’s as cool as a cucumber, no pressure, no drama, he lets you do your own thing, which was very calming for a debutant like myself.

– The stunt you did is visible in the trailer where you are flying upside down in the air; how did you do it?

Oh, it was quite an exceptional experience, so this whole team from abroad was called primarily to train a bunch of us on set who put these harnesses around us and made us rehearse various kinds of stunts up in the air for hours before actually shooting the scene, I got lucky to be included in the final cut—really looking forward to that intense slo-mo scene. Ajay, sir especially, came to me and said: very nice.

I’ll always cherish that.

– Your experience working with Amit ji on set?

Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone in one dialogue with him, but we are in the same scenes I saw him in his complete form, and I was dumbstruck; he is the date so so passionate about every tiny stage that he repeatedly rehearses to perfect it, even the director wants to move on, he doesn’t until he doesn’t think he’s done justice to the scene, i mean I got to see how he is where he is. Amit Ji is something else.

– What’s your dream role?

I have so many in my head, but currently, if I want to do something I know I’ll be an asset in, it’s got to be fleabag.

– How did you shift from Modeling to acting?

It wasn’t a deliberate shift; I’m still Modeling, I love to model, it comes naturally to me. But now I’ve tasted the blood, and there’s no stopping me. Cause I have this habit of wanting to be perfect in everything I’m interested in. And the acting is all I can think about. I eat, sleep, and daydream acting. So let’s see how this goes, fingers crossed.