Yuvti by Bhupendra Singh, sings the hymns of rich Indian tradition, rekindled through Hand Crafted Royal Poshak

Yuvti aims to provide women artisans with sustained employment and a sense of purpose apart from adding a dash of authenticity and style to the market.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 4: Bhupendra Singh’s brand, ‘Yuvti’ is here to breathe fresh air into the market. Yuvti brings you styles that come with a story. The story of our artisans who work tirelessly to bring out their best work with every piece they create. We strive to provide them with sustained employment and a sense of purpose apart from adding a dash of authenticity and style to the market.

When we see a handcrafted piece, one of the first things that come to mind is ‘tradition’. It’s something authentic, old and almost extinct. This is where Yuvti comes into the picture. The label aims to create a balance between contemporary and traditional designs by bringing out pieces that are not just stylish but also sustainable.

With its diverse network of artisan and karigar communities dedicated to producing and designing an ongoing tradition of sustainable ethnic wear, Yuvti aims to promote Handcrafted products, longevity, ethical sourcing, and aspects of sustainable fashion. With a thorough understanding of the Rajputana culture and values, Yuvti seeks to deliver its customers the greatest unbridled and unparalleled experience. It is one of the most premium stores for Bridal Rajputi Poshak, Exclusive Sarees, Vibrant Suits, Rajputi wear, Hand Printed sarees, Traditional Rajputi Men’s wear, Traditional Rajputi Men’s accessories, and Women’s accessories. They are curated using the most superior quality markets with their in-house dying and personal Karigars for unique and intricate designs.

Mr. Bhupendra Singh, the proud owner of Yuvti, said, “Female artisans are immensely encouraged when their hard work is valued in an otherwise cluttered marketplace. Yuvti aims to give its talent exposure globally. With Yuvti, we aim to present traditional Rajasthani culture to people across the globe to experience and enjoy the delicate work of age-old Indian weavers and artisans.

Mr Bhupendra Singh, through Yuvti, wants to fulfill a larger goal- to make the Rajasthani art form thriving yet again and make it accessible to all. Yuvti believes that the royal Rajputana attire with exquisite craftsmanship and imperial designs should be accessible to every woman who gets a chance to adorn it with sheer sophistication and grace. Be it for a subtle occasion or a grand wedding, the designs and price range caters to the requirements for all.

This is where royalty meets jubilance, which the art form delivers. Yuva also realizes that among many national importance and pride areas are the ethnic textiles, prints, styles, and drapes of different states and works towards executing it gracefully.

Yuvti strongly believes in working with and empowering artisan clusters of women in rural and urban India and exhibiting royal Rajputi Poshaks in the most polished and splendid way. Bhupendra Singh, the designer, and founder of Yuvti, sincerely want to support and empower artisans by putting out their rich and intricate work and adding a little frill. By giving artisans a platform to carry forward their unsung culture and showcase its splendor, Mr. Bhupendra Singh has fulfilled the dreams of many strong women and has given life to their aspirations.